Traveling to Texas looking for an overniter?


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Jan 23, 2015
Hi my fellow campers!

I am traveling to Texas from Baltimore to shoot the annular solar eclipse.

Taking 81 to 40 through Knoxville, Nashville, Memphis, Arkansas and 30 on down through Dallas to a cow field in Leakey Texas.

I am traveling alone and hoping someone might have a safe driveway I can overnight in.
Will need 2 nights as I can't do much more than 9 hours at a time.

If not I'm looking at a stay in a Pilot and then a Walmart.

Planning on leaving Monday Oct.9th and spending Monday night and Tuesday night on the road.

I am camping with other astronomers til Sunday morning when I will reverse the plan.

Hoping to get some great photos in this dark sky spot plus the annular eclipse.

Total eclipse next April! Shooting from Carbondale with an old WTW friend!

Thanks for any help or better plans than I have posted. This will be the first long trip I've taken in my camper :)

Wow, Jackie! Your trip sounds like an incredible adventure. Have you considered using camping apps like Hipcamp or iOverlander to find safe places to park your camper overnight? Best of luck with capturing those amazing eclipse photos! Safe travels.

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