Upside Down/Sideways Photos

Wandering Sagebrush

Free Range Human
Site Team
Nov 17, 2013
Northeast Oregon
Hey team, please take the time to fix your upside down/sideways photos. I know it’s a pain, but it helps us old guys with the twisted neck syndrome.

Here is one way to fix it…
“Frequently, I have photos that do not load in the same orientation the picture was taken.

So far, the only fix I’ve found for my iPad and iPhone images is to open the picture in Photos, select edit, rotate the image 90°, and then select done. Next, re-edit the photo, rotate it back to the proper orientation, and select done. I believe this changes the photo EXIF to work with forum software

It’s a minor irritation, but better than twisting your head to look at the picture. If anyone knows of a better fix, please document it here.”
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