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Jun 30, 2009
Sierra Nevada Range
I use the "View New Content" button in the upper right corner to catch up on what's new on the forum. Two days ago it stopped working for me. I get "sorry, no new content found" when there are several new posts I have not seen. Any one else have this issue?
Hello Ski

I have often seen that message but thought it occurs mostly when there really is no new content...i.e. if I hit it twice in say 30 minutes.


David Graves
I've seen it change itself to "pages". You hit "forums" on th right end of the search bar and it often works. Might have to do it a few times to get it to stick
Thanks to all for your suggestions! I've figured it out. On the bottom of the left hand vertical task bar, one of the options under "other" was inadvertently checked. Fixed!
SkyP said:
hmmm I don't see a left hand verticle task bar....
Are you using a computer or a phone?
Desk top. My phone is mounted on the wall behind me.

The vertical box along the left side is sectioned with "by content type" at the top, then "by time period" below, at the bottom is "other".

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