Wireless Backup Camera Mounted on Camper?


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Nov 1, 2020
The Columbia Gorge, OR
Seeking advice and product recommendations for a wireless backup/rear view camera mounted above the door on an Alaskan. I recently installed a hitch mounted Yakima EXO system with two gear boxes. Great for expanded storage but my license plate mounted backup camera is blocked.

I'm wondering if anyone on this Alaskan forum has installed a rearview camera on their camper? I do like to see what's behind me while backing up and while driving.

Thanks in advance.

Maybe this site helps: https://www.tadibrothers.com/

I have a 2017 F350 and Ford included an AUX video link under the rear tire which I tap into with a camera system attached to the top of my Alaskan camper door. This works really well. Can you post pictures of that Yakima EXO system with the camper ? My F350 is a long bed with a 10' Alaskan cabover sitting in it and for external storage I use a www.pakmule.com carrier attached to the front bumper hitch mount and aluminum Alubox.

Look forward to seeing your rig.
I have an Garmin Overlander and I purchased the compatible Garmin wireless camera. Just needs power. I put a switch up in my F350 cab and control the ground to the relay that supplies power to the camera and then switch my Overlander to the wireless connection app.


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My garmin gps, has an option for a wireless camera. i have it it the back window of my camper, and power it while driving through a 12 volt outlet.
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