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Did I mention that I DESPISE generators!’

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#1 windy


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Posted 03 November 2020 - 04:41 AM

So.....on the last leg of a 2 month 6000 mile trip we were really tired and too lazy to work at finding a place so we thought we would would give ourselves a break from “roughing it” and catch a solid shower and good night’s rest at Lake Mead National Campground.... WRONG!!!

We pulled in late (after dark), and backed into the 1st available site and set out to make dinner, take a shower and get some rest. Got thru dinner and decided to shower in the morning as we were very tired. After we got things cleaned up and put away and laid our heads on the pillow, the loudest, most obnoxious generator I’ve ever heard cranked up. 🤯.

Now I’m sure they have their place but I have gotten really spoiled by boondocking. This stop has really reinforced to me why we do what we do.

Lesson learned.....don’t stop at a popular campground with 150 rv sites, no matter how tired we are 🤣🤣🤣.

If this night is what it took to make us appreciate all the spectacular evenings we have enjoyed on this venture, then I’m happy to have made the sacrifice.

Let this be a reminder to any of you that have ever taken the solitude of the back country for granted.....
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#2 AWG_Pics


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Posted 03 November 2020 - 05:12 AM

Yup. Well said!

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#3 craig333


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Posted 03 November 2020 - 05:32 AM

Too bad they didn't have db limits.

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#4 JHanson


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Posted 03 November 2020 - 02:04 PM

I'm with you!

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#5 Happyjax


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Posted 03 November 2020 - 03:29 PM

Yes some people run generators that could supply a small village..... I get the need but it is RVing, how much AC does one need when getting close to nature?

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#6 rando


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Posted 03 November 2020 - 04:09 PM

Here here!


We avoid the sort of campgrounds that the RV crowd seems to like (paved ones) to try and avoid these infernal buzz boxes, but even that doesn't always work.   


Earlier this summer I was out dispersed camped out in robbers roost - no one within a mile of us.  Someone pulls up late, and pulls in within 100m of us, no big deal, it was after dark and they needed a spot.  Ten minutes later the generator fires up and runs for the next two hours.   Even though it was a relatively quiet generator, watching the stars in the silence of the desert is completely ruined by the hum/buzz of the generator.  

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#7 Smokecreek1



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Posted 03 November 2020 - 08:43 PM

 They seem to be finding finding their way out into the boonies allot more of late. I mean how do they drag those things out there in the first place? So can someone tell me why they run the generators  only at night---is there some rule that they can't  charge the batteries during the day-when people are usually out and about and can't hear them?  Are they watching tv or reruns of the masked singer or what ever-do they really need to run their air conditioners 24 hours a day ?  Or how about the ones that come in (sometimes as a group), logger up, shoot their flags up their flag poles (the Betsy Ross one  seems to be a favorite-sometimes they also fly other political ones too), then start the generators up , then go inside and never seem to come out again!  I mean why some one comes out  to the boonies and then stays inside-doesn't that sort of defeat the reason for being there in the first place?


  I mean if I am forced to camp over night in a RV park over night, okay,its their world -I understand that and I 'll follow those rules, but here they are now, more and more in our play areas.  I think my biggest bitch is that they don't understand the rules (such as they are) and they don't seem to care about the fact they ruin it for the rest of us. What can we do about , grin and bare it, try and educate them or what ever and  keep trying to go deeper into the outback.



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#8 Casa Escarlata Robles Too

Casa Escarlata Robles Too

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Posted 03 November 2020 - 08:59 PM

Well said all.Smoke I don't think most of the type described here could be educated.

I am not even sure I would get into a conversation with them.

In today's mood out there you never know who or what is going on.


Yes it's a "free" forest world out there but how hard can it be to just be a bit more courteous of others.

It's like the trash. If you bring it but there's nowhere to dispose it,take it home with you.

Smokey and Woodise are tired of picking up after these people.It's not their job.


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#9 buckland


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Posted 03 November 2020 - 09:01 PM

I have tried asking.... very little happens... I have found I just have to pack up and leave. With solar so easy I think why ????? but then again it's the same intelligence as seeing jet skis in a lake filled with loons. Duh.
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#10 AWG_Pics


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Posted 04 November 2020 - 01:42 AM

We stayed in Ft Stevens state park overnight a few weeks ago. Not something we normally would do, but we wanted crab and razor clams. The 30 something guy next to us had an airstream and a generator. What seemed ridiculous, was when night fell they and a couple of tent camping friends sat down and watched a movie projected onto a white sheet. generator running during the movie and off and on all night. Absurd. Can't leave home without their media. Why are they camping? It is not likely we will stay at another such family friendly full service campground again. We did that night due to spur of the moment decision to run to the coast and not ever having looked the campground over despite driving past it dozens of times over the last decade.


Live & learn.

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lived for several years each in Montana, Utah, Idaho, Texas, Washington, Oregon.

2019 Tundra, Hawk.



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