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    three-way fridge unusable? should i get a two way?

    Hello everyone ! I got a 2021 Lance 825 with a dometic 3 way fridge, and this refrigerator is so temperamental i'm wondering if its bad, or if i should just get a 2 way fridge. when connected to AC power, in my slightly downhill sloped driveway, the fridge does not work at all. (the heater...
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    For Sale - New Dometic Propane heater $550.00 OBO

    Dometic RV Forced Air Propane Heater/Furnace Model DFSD12111. New, unused, excellent condition, but no longer in box; comes with manual and duct adapters. Can be mounted horizontally or vertically. This unit is typically installed in tent campers, truck campers and small travel trailers due to...
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    New Hawk Shell on Order - Advice needed :)

    Hey Everyone, I'm a Nor Cal native and just ordered a new Hawk Shell model. I lived and sailed for years on a 46' sailboat I completely restored. I am new to the camper world after years of camping in the back of my pickup in the shell. I am super stoked to join the FWC community and would...
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    Dometic 2 way CR-1065 refrigerator $175

    65L Dometic 12V/110V fridge. Runs fine, stained a bit inside from containers moving around, etc. This is a cabinet mount fridge from a 2012 Fleet. It has a seperate freezer compartment. Used about 30 days/year on average. I've had it running on 110 volt in my garage for a year. Pick up only...
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    2020 All Terrain Ocelot Shell Build

    I hope this is not in violation of forum rules. Adding a large number of images to this site is painful. The link below will take you to 38 pics with captions of my build. Clicking on the individual pictures to expand them. Then click on the info button (letter i in the circle, upper right hand...
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    65 QT 12v/110v Fridge/Freezer

    Whynter Portable Fridge/Freezer. ● Capacity: 65 Quarts or 107 Cans (12FL oz) Capacity ● Volume: 2.12 cu. ft. ● Operates as a refrigerator or freezer ● Compressor Cooling System ● Refrigerant Type: R-134A ● Voltage power AC (110V/60Hz – 75W / 0.8A) or DC (12V/24V – 4.5A/2.5A Car Lighter Socket)...
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    Propex Heater - Install

    So I have decided to give up the fight with my Dometic/Attwood. I am looking at the Propex heater. Has anyone installed one of these in their camper? How has it been working out? I'm leaning towards staying with propane as I really don't want to run a line...
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    Falcon Rebuild - Heater Options

    Ok let’s talk heaters: My wife and I are in the planning stages of a full rebuild on a 2002 Falcon. From the factory, it was optioned with an Atwood Hydroflame 16000 BTU forced air furnace. Why on earth was 16000BTU necessary? Total square footage is only about 52 square feet and total volume...
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    Fridge swap in my Eagle-Dometic CRX 65

    Planning a fridge swap in my Eagle combined with solar installation. There's a Dometic 3 way in there now and I'm considering either swapping to a Dometic CRX 65 front loading unit which will pop in to the same spot with minimal mods, or going with a Dometic or ARB top loading unit (which means...
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