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Aug 25, 2017
Las Vegas
So I have decided to give up the fight with my Dometic/Attwood. I am looking at the Propex heater. Has anyone installed one of these in their camper? How has it been working out?

I'm leaning towards staying with propane as I really don't want to run a line to my vehicles fuel tank, one less thing to disconnect when I pull the camper off. Plus the benefits of a propane heater in my mind far out way the disadvantages, in this application.

This is a pretty good article on the comparison of the different heater types:

I need to get one ordered as I have a trip upcoming end of next month. Couple questions for those in the know. Camper is a 2017 Hawk slide-in shell converted into a front dinette.
  1. BTU's? The Dometic is 12,000 BTU's. Propex has two different models. The HS-2000 is 6,500 BTU, 2.1 KW. The larger HS-2800 is 9,500 BTU, 2.8KW. As I see most of the folks installing the diesel heaters are staying in the 2K range I'm thinking the HS 2000 might be adequate? Any thoughts here? I ran a quick and dirty BTU load and its way more than needed.
  2. Propane hose size? Does anyone know what size thread is used in our campers? 2017 model. BTW no other propane appliances in the camper, just heat.
  3. Size - the Propex are quite small and from my measurements will fit in the space with tons of room left over.
  4. Exhaust vent - I'm thinking I can just use the hole that is already there for the Dometic? Maybe modify the current port? I plan on keeping the exterior access cover.
Once I determine the correct size heater and get it ordered and installed I will be posting photos and a full review.
Might have ran into a snag on the gas venting. Apparently the gas vent and fresh supply lines are almost 4 feet long and you CAN NOT cut them. and where to route these lines????
I have used both sizes of Propex. There is a nice vent piece from propex that I have not used, but others here have. If you cold weather camp, I’d go with the larger unit
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