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    For Sale - New Dometic Propane heater $550.00 OBO

    Dometic RV Forced Air Propane Heater/Furnace Model DFSD12111. New, unused, excellent condition, but no longer in box; comes with manual and duct adapters. Can be mounted horizontally or vertically. This unit is typically installed in tent campers, truck campers and small travel trailers due to...
  2. 20231021 115651

    20231021 115651

    exhaust "stack" for when I want to get the fumes away and quiet the heater down a bit. Slips over the stock pipe.
  3. 20231019 203857

    20231019 203857

    Diesel parking heater. I love these things, about the size of a loaf of bread. Exhaust pipe, combustion air intake, and fuel lines are plumbed out the bottom of the unit. They make very dry comfortable heat and are extremely efficient. Need 12V to run the fan, pump, and glow plug. Fuel pump is...
  4. 20231019 204727

    20231019 204727

    Love me a diesel parking heater. Installed the actual unit in a service bed box. Heat and control wire are plumbed through side of lower camper. Controller was disassembled to reroute and hide the wires, plus delete the "holster" for a sleeker install.
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    2018 Four Wheel Hawk Shell--$24,600

    Good Morning, We are selling our 2018 Hawk Shell SiIver Spur. We are the 2nd owners and it has seen minimal use. We do not use it enough and are leaning toward a van. Fits on my 2011 Tundra. It has: ~Rollover Couch ~Heater ~LED Lights ~vent over bed and fan over seating area ~12v and USB...
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    Dometic furnace reliability

    Hello!, I picked up my new camper about 3 months ago. I have slept in it maybe 15 nights in the Wisconsin cold. The furnace decided to fail as it is want to do. I spoke with FWC asking if I could just get a refund on it and return it. I don't want a heater failing in spring or fall in...
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    FWC DIY modifications & item weights advice

    Just picked up a loaded 2013 FWC Eagle (sink, stove, heater, outdoor shower, 6 gallon water heater, 20ga water tank, 3-way fridge) and put it on my 3rd gen tacoma. Very excited about it, have already taken it out a couple times. Before the Eagle became available to me, I was about to put a...
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    Propex Heater - Install

    So I have decided to give up the fight with my Dometic/Attwood. I am looking at the Propex heater. Has anyone installed one of these in their camper? How has it been working out? https://www.propexheatsource.com/ I'm leaning towards staying with propane as I really don't want to run a line...
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    2014 Hawk - Heater issue

    I am wondering if anyone knows how to access the sail switch on a 2014 FWC Hawk model that does not have an external access panel. My heater blower fan turns on but no ignition. The camper is currently hooked up to shore power and I have replaced the thermostat, but I am still having the same...
  10. G

    How much temperature increase Wave3 heater?

    I've got ~100 sq ft of space within my camper shell. With the temperatures at 40F and after 2.5 hours on the high setting of the Wave3, it raised the temp to 47F. Does this seem like a reasonable gain in temperature for this unit? I've attached a picture of it operating on the High setting.
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    Atwood Furnace Thermostat Short

    I recently picked up a 2000 FWC Grandby that I've been loving. The furnace, however, has been a bit of an enigma. The fan starts, but the spark and fire of the propane heat has been intermittent at best. After some digging, I noticed that the anticipator wire on the thermostat was fried, enough...
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    Falcon Rebuild - Heater Options

    Ok let’s talk heaters: My wife and I are in the planning stages of a full rebuild on a 2002 Falcon. From the factory, it was optioned with an Atwood Hydroflame 16000 BTU forced air furnace. Why on earth was 16000BTU necessary? Total square footage is only about 52 square feet and total volume...
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    Furnace won’t spark

    Hi all - I have a 2017 Fleet. On some recent chilly nights in Idaho I tried to get my heater going, and whatever mechanism is in there to spark the gas furnace seems not to be functioning. Any advice to troubleshoot before visiting a professional?
  14. W

    Atwood Heater woes (won’t light) please help!

    Hi there. I’m a newb to FWCs and only had my Ranger since September. I kinda got screwed and didn’t have enough time to thoroughly check out the onboard systems before purchase and couldn’t get the heater to fire or the fridge to work before I took possession of the camper. I got pretty lucky...
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    Propane connections for heater installation

    I am planning to install a Propex HS2000 in my new to me Hawk Shell. I intend to mount a 5lb or 10lb tank outside on the back driver's side of the camper. I am thinking it easiest to have a connection from the tank to the back wall that I can remove in summer (when I don't carry the tank) and...
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    Some different heater options

    Here are a couple of intersting heater options: 1) Cozy Cabin Propane marine heater, 5000 BTU, requires 1" flue, 16"hx8"wx8"d, top is 4"x5" cook top and has auto oxygen depleation and CO shutoff $489. https://tinylifesupply.com/propane/cozy-cabin-propane-heater 2) Dickerson marine solid fuel...
  17. Y

    Propex Combustion Intake

    I am trying to understand why the combustion intake needs to be routed outside. Shouldn't cabin air be fine for combustion?
  18. B

    2012 Hawk base model - adding engel sr70 and wave 3 heater

    Hey all, after countless hours on this site I've finally decided on doing some modifications to my used 2012 Hawk found on Craigslist recently! I previously owned a finch on my taco and upgraded to hawk/tundra when I found the hawk on CL. My Finch was dialed in with no need to change anything...
  19. Heater hose carrying hot air to outlet

    Heater hose carrying hot air to outlet

    Propex furnace heater hose carrying hot air to outlet
  20. R

    Updated thermostat tip for lower set points.

    For those withe newer FWC with heat - the Honeywell digital thermostat the are now using (TH1100DV) can be configured to allow temperatures down to 35F. This is useful for those who want to leave their furnace on at a low setting to prevent things from freezing without wasting too much propane...
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    Furnace Maintenance

    I have a "05 Hawk with a Suburban furnace that some times works and some times shuts itself off after a minute of blowing. Perhaps it needs some maintenance. I have tried FWC site manuals, Suburban site and archives on this site. Brenda at FWC sugested a few Youtubes, but nothing seems to look...
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    Propex Heatsource Furnace Installation Report in FWC Eagle Shell

    I have added a complete report on my installation of a Propex HeatSource HS2000 heater in my FWC Eagle Shell on my website below: http://www.performancegearresearch.com
  23. H

    Heater Options...Propex etc.

    Anyone running a Propex heater in their camper? I'm using one in my VW Westy and was curious to how they compare with the units FWC offers. Anyone have experience with the two units? Thanks Hodakaguy
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    Got me thinking...

    I may have to try this in the camper.
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