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    three-way fridge unusable? should i get a two way?

    Hello everyone ! I got a 2021 Lance 825 with a dometic 3 way fridge, and this refrigerator is so temperamental i'm wondering if its bad, or if i should just get a 2 way fridge. when connected to AC power, in my slightly downhill sloped driveway, the fridge does not work at all. (the heater...
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    Heating Options for FWC Fleet High Elevation Winter

    Hello WTW Community! I recently purchased a 2018 Toyota Tacoma TRD OR and 2014 FWC Fleet from a family friend (we've got upgraded suspension and airbags so I'm all set there) and I am looking to do some upgrades before heading into the mountains in January for a couple of months. I've got the...
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    Heating at Altitude

    Hey All!, Well, Im back. after selling my 02 FWC I saw a new 2021 Fleet model with the side dinette and had to get it. I currently work remote and ski at Alta and Snowbird in Utah. My dream office! So, I am at my wits end: after settling in and setting up my workstation the other day, first...
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    Propex Heater - Install

    So I have decided to give up the fight with my Dometic/Attwood. I am looking at the Propex heater. Has anyone installed one of these in their camper? How has it been working out? I'm leaning towards staying with propane as I really don't want to run a line...
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    False Propane Alarm

    Hi - I have a 2018 Northstar TC650 with an Atwood LPCO_DO CO2/Propane detector. There have been several instances of it false alarming on propane. Most recently was early this morning and it was the most controlled instance, where I'm certain there is no propane in the camper. Here is the...
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    Propane connections for heater installation

    I am planning to install a Propex HS2000 in my new to me Hawk Shell. I intend to mount a 5lb or 10lb tank outside on the back driver's side of the camper. I am thinking it easiest to have a connection from the tank to the back wall that I can remove in summer (when I don't carry the tank) and...
  7. Propane locker intake hose

    Propane locker intake hose

    Propane locker intake hose
  8. Propane locker drain

    Propane locker drain

    Propane locker drain
  9. Aluminum propane tank and controls

    Aluminum propane tank and controls

    Propane tank inside locker with controls
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    Free 5 gal propane tank

    Free 5 gal propane tank with issues. Two separate places stated the tank was not working correctly, it would register full and stop filling with around 2 gal inside. Stateline and South Lake Tahoe area only, I'm on the Summit of Kingsbury so if you're in the Carson area you'd be close as well.
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    Bad Propane

    I have a 3-way fridge that I run on propane most of the time. This last trip, the exhaust smelled faintly of plastic. As the trip went on, the refer became less and less able to cool. When I got back, I noticed that the burner had changed color (like the finish had been eaten away) and seemed to...
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    Propane compartment question

    i am a novice and just got a 2015 Eagle installed on my Toyota. I notice the compartment for propane tank storage is not locked on the left back side of the camper. If you park the camper on the street, or park in a shopping mall, do you move your propane tanks to the truck interior to keep them...
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    Norcold 3-Way Fridge in 2005 Hawk FWC

    Hello Wander the West Folks, We have a 2005 FWC with a Norcold 3-Way refrigerator. The problem we are having is that soot continues to build up in the flue and on the baffle. We have cleaned it probably 15 times now and in 1-3 days the baffle is covered with a quarter inch of soot (and large...
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    Heater Options...Propex etc.

    Anyone running a Propex heater in their camper? I'm using one in my VW Westy and was curious to how they compare with the units FWC offers. Anyone have experience with the two units? Thanks Hodakaguy
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