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    FWC Hawk Flatbed Dodge Ram 2500 Missouri

    With a heavy heart, we must part with our dream four wheel camper setup. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/473886661661800/ We have rolled about about 7k miles in this flatbed Hawk + 2004 Dodge Ram combo. We’ve weathered wind, rain, more wind & enjoyed so many beautiful sunny days...
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    **SOLD** FS- 2019 Four Wheel Camper Hawk Flatbed

    2019 Four Wheel Camper Hawk Flatbed Year- 2019 Exterior Color- Metallic Charcoal (Smooth Aluminum) Cabinet Pkg- Silver Spur Fabric- Peyton Granite Water Capacity (Gal)- 20 / 6 - Tank + Water Heater Propane- 11LB Tank x2 Factory Options: -Mechanical Camper Jacks -85 Liter 2 Way Fridge...
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    2022 Four Wheel Camper Hawk Flatbed & Tray

    We've only had a few trips in the camper, but have absolutely loved it. The thing is basically brand new. I'm having a hard time attaching photos so here is another link: https://expeditionportal.com/forum/threads/updated-fwc-flatbed-hawk-weekender-norweld-tray.234430/ DM me with any...
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    2022 FWC Hawk Flatbed

    Sale pending. For sale in Houston, TX. The truck is NOT in included. Pics: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/15r36-XAlsNvIEwn21ryFtRWaZZO2C80E?usp=share_link We built this rig with the intention of driving the Pan-American Highway. Unfortunately during the course of the 18 month lead...
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    2021 F350 CCLB with All Terrain Flatbed Camper

    We are selling our truck/camper combo. Please hit me up with a private message here or on Expedition Portal if you are interested or have any questions. We are asking $85k Located in Spokane, WA...
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    2021 F350 CCLB with All Terrain Flatbed Camper

    EDIT: I am pulling the truck from the market for now. I'd like to finish some projects on it and get it properly cleaned up before listing it again. I am selling my truck and camper combo. Details below. Hit me up directly here or on expedition portal to discuss if you are serious. Located in...
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    SOLD: All Terrain Custom Flatbed Camper on 2011 Nissan Frontier

    NOTE: Interior height is only 5'10". If you and yours are under 5'10" tall, this is a great package. Also, the camper was designed primarily for fall, winter, & spring use. As such, we DID NOT install a sink, water system, toilet, refer, or cook-top. The camper design maximizes storage and...
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    2021 Ram 2500 6.4 Hemi, 16k mi, w/ FWC Hawk Woolrich Flatbed & MITS Tray *NEW PRICE*

    Keeping the original post: Hi Everyone, After major job changes for both my Fiancé and myself in the past 3 months, we’re considering selling our dream rig as we just simply don’t use it like we’ve used our previous 2 FWC’s in the past. This thing doesn’t deserve to sit around. We absolutely...
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    **SOLD** - FS: FWC Hawk Flatbed -$41,800

    For Sale: Hawk Flatbed Four Wheel Camper ** $41,800 ** (Compare to New at $58,300 as spec'd (before tax) - This new pricing estimate is not including some upgrades accessories provided in sale) Reasonable offers will be considered. Detailed Listing with photos at...
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    Sold. *delete*

    For sale is my 2018 four wheel camper grandby ute which is the 8 ft flatbed model, mounted on a 2008 Ram 2500 6 liter diesel with 145,xxx miles on it. $60,000 for the setup. I would like to sell the truck and camper together, but offers are welcome for someone wanting to purchase just the...
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    2016 Four Wheel Camper HAWK w/ Ram Power Wagon Custom Flatbed Truck

    We've upgrade our Adventure Vehicle to a rare Bigfoot RV and have decide to sell our much loved and "Go Anywhere" Four Wheel Camper. We built this rig in 2018 to get us into more remote locations and avoid the masses. We spared no expense and cut no corners. We first found the 2013 Power Wagon...
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    SOLD: 2021 FWC Grandby and 2022 F250 flatbed

    In a great example of “best laid plans often go awry”, we’re selling our 2021 FourWheel Camper Grandby flatbed rig. We had big plans for this rig and our family, however, some recent arrivals (twins!) have forced us to reconsider our priorities. We hope someone here will get to benefit from this...
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    fastgun attachment on flatbed

    Hi all, Decided to start a new thread on this even though it was related to the current running flatbed thread. i am continuing my quest to configure my flatbed grandby so I can remove it from the truck with relative ease. I its my work truck and i am trying to be financially responsible as a...
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    2013 Ram 2500 Diesel Flatbed, (camper sold)

    Camper was sold. Truck is still available for $38,000, in Corvallis, OR This truck was built out with with lots of storage. This leaves a lot of capability to carry a large motorcycle or tow a large trailer. Truck 2013 2500 Ram Crew Cab, 4X4, Long Bed Tradesman with Chrome package Cummins...
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    2015 ram 3500 lone star mega cab bundutecusa odessey flatbed camper 81,xxx miles

    Truck has navigation, heated seats, heated steering wheel, electric driver seat, manual passenger seat. Stock suspension and motor other than leaving kit/cold air intake/tuner (I wanted to be able to go to any dealer and grab parts that could/might get damaged/go out). I still drive the truck so...
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    Between the bed and camper.

    Hi all, I have new Alaskan 8.5 CO to coming in April and I’m mounting it on a flatbed. I have a 99 f350 4x4 that getting an aluminum UTE Ltd flatbed added next month. The camper will have an insulated floor and be bolted to the bed. I’m curious on what people would recommend to go between the...
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    choosing a flatbed

    HI, I am a newbie to start. I am zeroing in on a purchase for a four wheel camper this year. I have a dodge ram 2500 diesel tquad cab longbed that will double as a work truck and my families recreational vehicle. I currently have the stock bed on it but I am looking into options for a flatbed. I...
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    SOLD: 2020 FWC Hawk Flatbed

    Price: $37,000 Location: Banning, CA 2020 Hawk Flatbed model Mesa White Exterior Silver Spur Interior Flush-mount stove and sink 160W Solar Panel w/ MPPT controller Dual 6V battery upgrade Powered-roof vent Extra roof vent Yakima "roof tracks" only Dual 6V AGM batteries 130L two-way...
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    Slide in Vs Flatbed?

    Hello, I am a newbie at this whole Overlanding thing and I am wanting some feedback on which direction to go. I have the option to purchase a fully "loaded" brand new slide-in hawk, or a two year old fully loaded Hawk flat bed camper. I have a casita camper that my SUV can't tow, so I will...
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    Does anyone know who built this flatbed?

    Does anyone know who built this flatbed??? Not the camper... I already know it's FWC. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!
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    Flatbed / UTE Tray for Short Bed Truck

    I am selling a United Truck Bodies steel flatbed / tray that will work for a flatbed UTE camper or a slide in camper. It's currently set up for a slide in (which is what it was used for previously) but can be easily converted. Features: - 7' long x 85" wide - Droppable tail gate - Two removable...
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    Flat Beds--COG Can Be A Problem!?

    Greetings Wandering Brothers & Sisters. From my sad experience (see attached photo of my FWC after accident), I can say that even without the approximate 5" lift flat beds generally require above my 2004 Tundra 4WD Double Cab stock bed, COG can be a problem. My platform for the FWC raised the...
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    *SOLD* 2017 Ram Crew Cab Diesel & 2017 FWC Hawk FLATBED

    Complete build, ready for adventure. To build this today would be $140k+. Not including all of your time, researching, planning, tuning, traveling back and forth between each builder (AT Overland, CJC Offroad, Carli Suspension, Deaver Leaf Springs, etc.) All of the legwork has been done...
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    Alaskan on flatbed and 2014 Ram 3500 4x4

    Truck has 123,000 miles, Alaskan is about 4 years old. Diesel Truck had emissions system deleted, rear sears removed. Crew cab, diesel, sunroof, longhorn trim truck, good off road tires, side dinette, solar, AGM batteries, rooftop air, two propane tanks, furnace, cassette toilet, 2 burner stove...
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