FWC Hawk Flatbed Dodge Ram 2500 Missouri


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Apr 8, 2023
With a heavy heart, we must part with our dream four wheel camper setup.


We have rolled about about 7k miles in this flatbed Hawk + 2004 Dodge Ram combo. We’ve weathered wind, rain, more wind & enjoyed so many beautiful sunny days, roaming between California & the Midwest. Our adventures are calling us to settle south now & that is the *only* reason we are selling.

If you’re looking for reliability, this a true adventure rig, with space to spare. The trucks Cummins diesel engine is one of the most reliable on the market, so it will both get you there, as well as give you the comfort you can’t find in a roof top tent setup alone. As seasoned travelers & camping veterans, this combination beats a pull behind any day.

I can also say, the fill-up-pump conversations, from curious on lookers are always a delight. Whether you’re traveling part time or full time, you can store all your gear in here. If you prefer, hook up a trailer & bring your other toys too. In this particular FWC, you have the option for shore power or to stay off grid. One of it’s greatest features is being able to haul 20 gallons of water, whether it be for drinking or bathing, but the real MVP is the 6 gallon hot water heater that accompanies the indoor shower. Completing the home-like conveniences, is the indoor toilet setup.

Relaxing under the awning or having the option to cook indoors during inclement weather can’t be beat. There isn’t much this beastly setup can’t do & if there is something, we haven’t found it. We’ve put this setup through the paces, both overlanding to pristine ridgeline look outs & crossing a few low lying creeks, just to get to a coveted campsite. Not to mention, the solar power, 12v fridge, & rooftop air vents make this one luxurious off-road king, one-of-a-kind. If you’ve been looking, you know how hard it is to find a flatbed Hawk that also has under-bed storage (major brownie points with the wife).

We are willing to sell the Hawk four wheel camper separately from the truck & flatbed or we would be willing to part with the unit as a whole. In our honest opinion, this is the only way to comfortably see the beauty of our incredible country because of the freedom this setup allows. There’s 241xxxk & a rust free frame on the 2004 Dodge Ram 2500. The truck comes with a meticulous maintenance log & we are the second owners. Asking $33k for the Hawk 4wc camper itself, or 45k for the whole shebang.
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