1. J

    2021 Fleet Front-Dinette For Sale

    2021 Fleet Front-Dinette For Sale (San Francisco Bay Area) https://fourwheelcampers.com/model/fleet-model-pop-up-truck-camper-leader-mid-size-trucks/ *Tacoma truck is *not* for sale (it's actually sold already) **Designed for any mid-sized truck w a 6' "long" bed (ie Tacoma, Ranger, Colorado...
  2. Bailey77FWC

    1977 FWC Fleet Complete Overhaul

    Hi everyone! My wife and I bought a beat-up '77 Fleet a couple weeks ago and are hoping to completely rebuild it! We've never had a truck camper before, and this is one of the few small enough for our little old truck (2002 Mazda/Ranger) to carry. The goal is to turn it into something that...
  3. D

    FOR SALE: FWC Fleet front dinette

    2016 Four Wheel Camper FLEET front dinette slide-in camper $24,500 https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1198533994884739/ 2016 Fleet front dinette model with multiple add-ons including maximized solar and upgraded lithium batteries. This has the silver spur interior and is in great...
  4. B

    ***SOLD*** Thermal Pack for FWC Fleet

    Original thermal pack from a 2018 Fleet with rollover couch. It's in very good condition, has a few light soil marks that could be washed out. I also have a fresh roll of velcro for the bottom wall if needed + $25. $450, includes free shipping to USA.
  5. P

    Heating Options for FWC Fleet High Elevation Winter

    Hello WTW Community! I recently purchased a 2018 Toyota Tacoma TRD OR and 2014 FWC Fleet from a family friend (we've got upgraded suspension and airbags so I'm all set there) and I am looking to do some upgrades before heading into the mountains in January for a couple of months. I've got the...
  6. D

    New battery won't fit through cabinet door. (I'm an idiot)

    My new LiFePO4 battery arrived! I measured before ordering and when I saw it would fit inside the cabinet of my 2017 Fleet (front dinette), I figured all was good. But I didn't think about how it had to go through the cabinet door at an angle, and turns out there isn't enough clearance. Obvious...
  7. N

    price dropped --- 2021 Fleet w Side Dinette / Toyota Tacoma 2018

    I got the FWC Fleet last Feb 2022 from Equipt in Salt Lake City, UT and have the title in hand. I attached the cost sheet for the camper from when I purchased it. It has all the available options with the side dinette and everything is listed on the attached cost sheet from FWC. pics here...
  8. S

    2019 Four Wheel Campers Fleet- Costa Mesa, Ca

    have a Four Wheel Camper Fleet that I am selling located in Costa Mesa, CA. I have to upgrade trucks to a full size so I am selling my camper. Asking $22,000 OBO based on Four wheel camper's recommendation of price. Camper DOES NOT include camper jacks Aluminum Fridge Cabinet ARB Elements...
  9. L

    2015 Fleet FWC Pop-up for sale

    ++SOLD++ -- 2015 Four Wheel Fleet pop-up camper – $20,000 - Located in SLC, Utah Text 801-573-6733 with inquiries - Thanks Price drop (June 8, 2023) Ultimate Remote Work Office ready to go! This is the Side Dinette configuration that has a swivel table and comfortable seating that can be used...
  10. S

    Fleet Refurb Furnace Question

    Hi Everyone, I just got my hands on a Fleet of unknown vintage (somewhere between 2006 and 2009, maybe) and I am refitting it. I figured I'd just pull the old furnace and pop a new Dometic model into the hole. The old furnace is a Dometic/Atwood 8516-IV. The guy I bought it from said it...
  11. F

    2016 FWC Fleet + 2015 Tacoma (optional)

    **SOLD** Excellent condition, fully loaded FWC Fleet with front dinette. Full spec sheet available on request. Fridge w/freezer (very cold - keeps ice cream!), 2-burner propane stove, propane heater w/thermostat, interior and exterior lights, sink with 5 gallon hot water and 20 gallon cold...
  12. M

    Best all season tires for Fleet-Tacoma combo?

    Hi all - Anyone have tires for their Tacoma that work well all year but excel in the snow and ice? Or are winter only tires a better idea?
  13. G

    **SOLD** 2018 FWC Fleet for sale **SOLD**

    ***SOLD*** Thanks for looking For Sale 2018 Four Wheel Pop-Up Camper Model: Fleet Options/Upgrades: Mechanical Camper Jacks Flush Mount Stove Powered Roof Vent Extra Roof Vent Yakima Tracks (Installed by FWC) Yakima Racks (aftermarket) Thermal Pack (Insulation) Additional Louvered Window-...
  14. T

    For Sale - Four Wheel Camper & Toyota Tacoma Combo @ $72k obo| Rocklin, CA

    2018 FWC Fleet >>> $25k OBO Location: Rocklin, CA Images: https://photos.app.goo.gl/gfPQB9hoZmGH7Mj96 Q: Will you sell truck+FWC>>> maybe Q: Will you sell just the truck >>> no Q: Can close sale @ FWC factory >>> yes Van life is calling and my broken ankle has ruined summer plans. Build...
  15. 2

    •••The Eagle has Landed••••WTB (or trade for A frame camper)FWC Fleet, Hawk or Eagle to top our 2001

    Hello all, first time poster “short” time lurker. Sorry for the long post, kinda introductory and informational. Looking for a FWC for our 2001 Tundra. Would like one with rollover couch but not a deal breaker. I thought about a project M but my recent visit to the Woodland facility changed my...
  16. B

    2019 FWC Fleet for sale - $21,000

    Text with questions, offers. I work most days, typically get off between 6-8pm Mountain Time. 781 7eight9 4495, will respond ASAP. Camper is located in Driggs, ID, over the pass from Jackson, WY This camper is available new from the factory for $24,635 with an 18 month waiting period...
  17. K

    2015 Tacoma Off Road TRD axcess cab with 2015 Fleet Front Dinette, Loadedd

    [emoji268][emoji268][emoji268]SOLD[emoji268][emoji268][emoji268] I am relocating/retiring to North Sumatra/Indonesia so reluctantly selling my rig. This is a capable combo,well maintained with minor cosmetic trail badges. It is a one owner rig and is being sold as a Package. 2015 TRD off road...
  18. R

    weBoost Drive mounting in our Fleet

    I thought I’d share how I mounted our weBoost. It really helps to have this turned on when we are in low coverage areas. We did also add on the Wilson long-range antenna for better coverage than the one that ships with the unit. I initially had trouble coming up with a good place or way to...
  19. W

    Tacoma w/6ft bed / Fleet / 1Up Bike Rack ?s

    Hello, I'm picking up my Fleet in June. It'll live on my Tacoma extended cab with 6ft bed. I have a 1UP bike rack and I want to ensure I'll have clearance using the 1UP Extender, which provides an additional 7 inches. Does anyone have this set-up? Plenty of space for the handlebars? Thank you...
  20. J

    2014 Toyota Tacoma w/ 2018 FWC Fleet - $58k

    Up for sale is a 2014 Toyota Tacoma and a 2018 FWC Fleet. Open to selling separately or as a package. The truck and camper are both mechanically sound and ready for adventures. It's been used as intended so there is obviously some wear, but still a pretty clean setup. I will note all of the...
  21. M

    Creaky suspension on Tacoma

    I have a Fleet on my 2017 Tacoma. The truck has about 50K miles on it, 90% put on it since the Fleet has been on nearly full time. Its suspension (I think) has been creaky for a long time, and recently it seems to be getting creakier. I have ARB leafs, OMB shocks, and Firestone airbags. Is this...
  22. P

    2020 Four Wheel Camper Fleet Model For Sale

    Fully loaded FWC Fleet Camper Used only 5 nights and in like new condition. Fits Toyota Tacoma 6' bed and other similar sized trucks. Current wait time for a new one is now 15 months. Has heater, insulation pack, outdoor shower, fridge, sink, 2 burner stove, front dinette, premium interior...
  23. J

    Value of 2003 Eagle in pristine shape - Seeking new buyer advice

    Hi all, First post here as I am just about to become a proud member of the FWC club! I have two campers on the line and plan to take one home this weekend so I am seeking advice on one in particular; a 2003 Eagle that is in better shape than all other campers I have seen new and old. I'd...
  24. J

    WTB fleet flatbed

    Hello, I am looking for a fleet flatbed model . Thank you
  25. T

    2021 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab Long Bed TRD Off Road

    2021 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab Long Bed TRD Off Road Mileage: 6,000 Price: $50,999 OBO Location: Rocklin, CA Upgrades: In addition to a 7 year warranty from Toyota Dealer… here are a list of upgrades COMPLETE OLD MAN EMU KIT W/ DAKAR LEAF PACK - 2016+ TACOMA (OME16TACO-DAKAR) and SPC...
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