1963 Ford F250 and 1964 Alaskan 10ft Camper

Big Banger

Apr 21, 2011
Check this out, the truck has a little less than 41,000 original miles and has had the camper on it since new. Originally from Parker's in Kitimat, British Columbia and recently for sale by the 3rd owner. The truck was advertised on May 6th with the camper available separately. I bought the camper after seeing some pictures and picked it up on the 18th. The truck was also sold on the same day and went to a good home.


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The seller had the original split rims and hubcaps and the new owner plans on putting them back onto the truck.
I talked to the 2nd owner, he said he has some pictures that were taken when he bought it with the camper on it. I will post them when I receive them.
Wow, I learned to drive a stick in my Dad's 1964 work truck. It was the blue and white color choice. Great truck that brought back memories. :)
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