2014 Hawk Wiring Upgrades

Jon R said:
I just realized that, while Vic and I both assumed you were asking about the MPPT input capacity, on second look it appears you were really asking about whether the FWC wiring could handle the current from two 175 watt panels wired in parallel and connected to the roof connector.

On my 2021 Grandby I believe the wires are 10 awg, and I have my two 200 watt panels wired that way. Because when the panels are generating 50% or more of their rated levels their output voltage to the MPPT is 25 to 30 volts, the current from both panels totals under 20 amps. The 10 awg wire is more than adequate for that current.

The conservative way to check wire size adequacy for a PV array (for simple wire heating, not voltage loss for long runs) would be to use the short circuit current of the array in sizing the wire. The 10awg wire is adequate when checked this way as well.
Thanks again. Yeah, I was more concerned about the stock plug and wiring since the specs from the victron unit seemed fine for both panels. But I was appreciative of the advice nonetheless!
We had a weather window a little while back so installed the second panel. I ended up replacing the angle aluminum I used previously with three 70" sticks of 1" 8020 as I thought it would be easier to install, replace panels, and to keep the solar plug accessible but protected from snow (being below the panels). We did some winter camping to ski with the dogs and the DCDC and MPPT seemed to be working well according to the smart shunt and based on the victron app. While I was working on the roof, I think I successfully chased down a small leak by resealing each of the yakima roof rack screws. I plan to reseal any of the older caulk and potential leak points around the roof once things warm up in the spring. I also replaced some older 30 lb struts with new 40 lb struts. It was hard to close the roof before I reinstalled the panels, but after installation, they work perfectly.

t nuts and corner brackets.

solar panels are backed with greenhouse type boards and attached using vhb type tape.

Fitted up on cabover portion of the roof.

Here is the corner bracket. I just used some stainless and mountain bike bolts I had on hand.
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