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Ouch, that stings!
Nov 25, 2013
Carmel, Indiana
In October we returned to Great Smoky Mountain NP. We then headed up the Blue Ridge Parkway with stops in Asheville, NC, Linville Falls, NC, and Boone, NC. Our final destination was New River Gorge NP, in West Virginia.

We spent six (6) nights at Elkmont and Smokemont campgrounds while we were in the Smokies.

We met a couple that has spent the entire month of October in GSMNP for the past 25 years. They shared that 2023 was the worst fall colors they had seen. It was disappointing to say the least. We did get better colors on the Blue Ridge. We now have the Boone, NC to Richmond Virginia leg to complete our Blue Ridge Parkway travels.

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We are excited to see another longhorn1 adventure. Thanks for sharing and we're happy you had the chance to get away. This will make a nice winter's night read! :)
It's a Jolli Olli road trip
It's the best time of the year!

JD, wonderful trip with the addition of fall colors. We enjoyed your trip report, thank you! A couple things, does that swinging bridge have a weight capacity? That sure looked like a lot of people on it. Also, that dog of yours is spoiled. You know that, don't you? :)

Great trip! :)
A belated Welcome to North Carolina! You have been in and around the Smokies way more than I have, which is practically never southwest of I-40 outside of Asheville. But I banged on rocks and hiked/backpacked all over Grandfather Mountain and Linville Falls. If you knew exactly where to look you could have seen my family's mountain vacation home from the BRP along the northern flank of Grandfather Mt. You even went to visit my alma mater, Appalachian State University. One sister, self, and three first cousins are all alums of ASU.
Great to see you kids putting some miles on and nights in the Oliver! That's a fine, fine rig. Thanks also for taking us along!
Thanks everyone. We love going to the Smoky's. We thought the odds of good colors would have been over 90%+. To hear from one couple that the colors were the worst in 25 years. The were better on the Parkway.
Ski, Unable to find any mention of weight limit on the bridge other than a sign posted on either end stating max of 40 people. Don't think they were monitoring that closely, because I did ask and she said your fine, go ahead.
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