2024 F250 Tailgate Delete Not Working?


Nov 12, 2019
I removed my tailgate this weekend in preparation for a camper install, and capped the connections with the 'tailgate delete' kit provided in my glovebox. Now my truck thinks the tailgate is down all the time - I get a warning on the dash when starting the truck, there is a light on my dash always on indicating the tailgate is down, and the truck honks twice when I lock it because it thinks something is ajar. Is this normal behavior or should the tailgate delete kit have eliminated these issues?
I think I've isolated the issue to this harness. It is the one that when unplugged indicates 'tailgate ajar.' With all of the other plugs from the tailgate in I removed this one, truck indicated 'tailgate ajar.' I left the normal tailgate plugs in and replaced the harness with the Ford provided 'tailgate delete' jumper, and it still says tailgate ajar. Presumably this thing is supposed to, in part, trick the truck into thinking the tailgate is closed and it does not do that.

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