A couple adventures in North Central Idaho


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Oct 8, 2015
Clearwater Watershed, Idaho
I'm just getting caught up on a couple trips we did over the last month or so. I'll post both reports here.

The first trip was up to Elk Creek Falls and the Giant Cedar near Elk River, Idaho, and then we ventured over to McCroskey State Park to have a look at it:
Elk Creek Falls and McCroskey State Park

The second trip was a drive into Mackay Bar on the Salmon River. Close to home as the crow flies, but it took us six hours to get in there. We had planned to loop back through the mining ghost town of Orogrande, but there was too much snow and downed trees, so we ended up on the Red River for the second night:
Mackay Bar, 2024
Fun, fun, fun Ed & Sharon! It is so nice to have such great areas to explore close by. Thanks for sharing these and your well done videos! :)
nice trip report. great country, and the carnita cooking demo was mouth watering !!
We camped at McCroskey state park last September. We essentially had the place to ourselves. Only encountered one vehicle until the last few miles on the way to Highway 95. One man’s generosity left us a beautiful legacy.
Thanks all. Yes, the carnitas were really good, and we still have one dinner waiting in the freezer! Add that to some nice scenery and not a lot of people and you have a couple nice trips.
Thanks for the report and the videos. The flower ID was helpful, I've struggled with it. Years ago I encountered some small books on tree ID by May Theilgaard Watts and Tom Watts that were very helpful: structured like- If this....go... I bought Weeds of the West, and Plants of Arizona, and I found finding anything in them was very hard and I pretty much gave up E503F142-03F0-45E5-A901-4117758E5B6B_1_201_a.jpeg
I agree some keys are easier than others! Weeds of the West has a lot of terminology to get lost in, you almost need to know what you are looking for to find anything in that one. If you know whether leaves are opposite or alternate or whorled or basal, the flower color and shape/number of petals (hard if it isn't flowering), location you can generally narrow down to a few likely culprits if your key is good.
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