After a long wait, we're finally going to Bear's Ears


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Nov 8, 2008
Boise, ID
It's been a long time in the process; a new truck, flatbed, etc. and many, many nights out camping (we can do anywhere from 60 - 100 nights/year) and exploring AND almost a year long diagnosis of cancer and treatment (on-going) we're finally headed out tomorrow to Bear's Ears. I'm still going through side-effects but hopefully I'll find out that I'm "cancer free" today (or along the way) and can get through the rest.

I asked a long time ago about places to go, etc. and have those on our plans. We typically decide where we are going "on-the-fly" depdendent on weather, crowds, etc. so sure this trip will be the same. We've got about 2 weeks to explore, got our maps, did our research, etc.

We're starting from home (Boise) and will get to SLC tomorrow then on to Bear's Ears and surrounding are the next day (we don't like to drive super long distances each day).

Thanks to everyone for suggestions!
Kevin, I was sorry to learn you’ve been diagnosed and have undergone treatment for cancer. I hope you do get that cancer free message, and have a wonderful trip to Bear’s Ears
A heartfelt desire that you continue to get good news and that your "on the fly" adventure is grand! :)

Travel safe.
I love it and think you can hardly go wrong out there as far as finding nice places to be. If you're health allows it, be sure to hike into some canyons. Fish and Owl creeks and Mule Canyon (upper and lower) are great, but you can pretty much pick a canyon at random and know it's going to be awesome. There are Chacoan ruins and potsherds everywhere. As for driving, don't miss the chance to drive down (southbound) the Moki Dugway on 261 into Valley of the Gods.
Hope that you have a great trip and that you get positive news regarding your cancer. On several occasions, we have stayed at a BLM dispersed camping spot at the intersection of 95 and 261. It is a good place to get your "ducks in a row" before heading up to Bears Ears, Elk Ridge, etc.
I enjoyed camping in 2016 above the Moki Dugway in an area that is east of the overlook. Drive the road to the overlook and when somewhat close to the edge, look for a road going east. There are lots of places to camp and call home. Outstanding view. Hopefully the area is still open for disperse camping.
Thanks everyone for the well wishes and suggestions; it's very much appreciated. No news yet but I'll enjoy the trip and time... I'll try to do a report when I get back later in the month (have to be back for an oncology appointment).

Headed out from Boise in about an hour!

Great to hear you're cancer free, it will make it even more special for you to be in Bears Ears.

My wife and I spent a month last fall there, it's a wonderful place. Beef Basin and the "House Park" area in the north is pretty and has plenty of places to camp. You can pop out to Monticello or Blanding for water, fuel and food.

The Dark Canyon area is gorgeous. Further south we enjoyed Woodenshoe Road and the natural bridges national monument. Lots of camping with great views on Elk Mountain Road dropping down to Natural Bridges.

The whole Comb Wash area (both the east side and west side) is spectacular. The east side is full of Indian sites.

It's a great place, you'll love it. Even after spending a month there we have a lot left to see and intend to return. Enjoy your travels.
Congrats on beating the cancer! Sioux went through aggressive breast cancer treatment in 2020. Not a fun year but all good (so far) since then!

Be sure to travel Snow Flat Road (#237) west of Bluff, UT. Easy 4WD (mostly 2 WD), very isolated and you can pull a permit for Moon House Ruin. We almost never see anyone on this road and normally make it an overnight trip. (It has some good campsites.) Highly recommended!
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