After a long wait, we're finally going to Bear's Ears

Great trip to Bears Ears, Utah. We've wanted to go for years and made it happen this year. 2 weeks on the road was great. A little bit of everything; hiking, ruins, pictorgraphs, warm weather (some rain and which allowed us to see waterfalls coming off the red rock) and never cold, thunder, lightening, crazy 4wd trails, etc. and even had some health issues and as crazy as it was, we were hiking when I asked a couple coming down the trail if eitther of them were a Physical Therapist (was joking) and they were, so they helped me for a bit with some information
. Here's a few photos All pictures taken with my old phone camera and no editing.


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Durango1 said:
Congrats on beating the cancer! Sioux went through aggressive breast cancer treatment in 2020. Not a fun year but all good (so far) since then!

Be sure to travel Snow Flat Road (#237) west of Bluff, UT. Easy 4WD (mostly 2 WD), very isolated and you can pull a permit for Moon House Ruin. We almost never see anyone on this road and normally make it an overnight trip. (It has some good campsites.) Highly recommended!
Thanks and I'm glad your wife is doing well.... we didn't hit moon house this trip but we're already thinking we want to go back. So many roads, side roads, etc. to explore... such a great place.
KC hope you get the all clear message and feel better! Have a great trip to the Bears Ears country - many great suggestions already so i won't pile on. Have a great trip.
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