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Nice old Alaskan! Thank you for posting. :)

Harold said:
1968 Alaskan nco I acquired a couple years ago. Out of all my Alaskan's I have had this by far is the nicest original interior one I have ever got. All the appliances work on propane and I was surprised when the fridge got cold and the freezer made ice.
I was not looking ...but was gifted with the opportunity to buy a 1994 dodge ram 2500 diesel... I bought her... and then went looking for an Alaskan Camper. My uncle had one when I was a kid. I was impressed and I can remember thinking ..."I am going to get one of those when I grow up"

Found my new old Alaskan in Idaho....

I want to thank this online community...the website was a big help and support for me during the searching and buying process even though I was only a LURKER.

So .. time to join the community, I feel worthy now, and I got Questions ?


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Welcome, docalex!

I too have had a fascination with Alaskans from an early age but I've not quite gotten around to getting one. Congratulations on your find!

My browser is seeing three of the photos sideways so let me post upright versions.


If you're seeing sideways ones in your post and want help with fixing that in your original post, PM me. Or if for any reason you want me to take down the ones in this post, just let me know. They're your photos, after all.
Hey always, we like more pics of your Alaskan inside and outside!

I have a '76 8' CO myself. I wonder if you can post a pic of a data plate located on the drivers' side of the camper i the down position, just as you get out and look back where the curve is located. Also, any plates on the door at the rear of the top beside to door and it may be possible to identify yours as perhaps made at the Hall factory in Sun Valley, CA (San Fernando Valley over the hill from Hollywood so to speak, like for sure).

R.D. Hall 1975 8 ft CO #2646.jpg

R.D. Hall 1976 Dec. 8 ft. CO Front Panel #2903.jpg

The weight tag is inside the camper:
R.D. Hall 12-76 Weight Tag 8 Ft. CO #2903.jpg

The original R,D. Hall patent tag is on the rear door:
R.D. Hall Patent Tag - Door.jpg
I was an Alaskan camper hoarder for a while. At one time I had four Alaskans. First was a 59' nco, Second a 84' eight foot cab over, Third a 74' 10 foot nco not pictured and last was a 81' cab over that I kept and used for eight years. The 59' is pictured on a 06' Tundra that was my first truck to haul an Alaskan. After one trip I traded the Tundra in for a 02' Dodge cummins diesel. All I can say is I have Alaskans in my blood and will never own a standard camper again.


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I see Harold has the same idea I had....find a 1/4 ton trailer to haul all the valuable "stuff" you need to set up camp in it rather than jamming it into the Alaskan and having it scratch things and basically take up all the space in there. My F-250 has a "backseat" I can put some stuff, but after I sold my WWII 1/4 ton, I bought a Bantam T3-C, the kind with a tailgate and a top bow setup on it which makes loading and unloading a lot easier!

I keep personal Items in the Alaskan or in the truck which means in about ten minutes I can get out of the truck, open the door to the Alaskan and get the top raised and get in there. A tarp covers things in the Bantam trailer in case of rain.


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Moose Dog said:
Here's my 'hero shot', so called because I got special permission to stay at this observatory where the winds blew hard. Camp spot photo also. Up to 25 knot all night every night ( assigned spot, couldn't finagle ) which didn't phase the Alaskan.

Where did you get that toolbox bed that is awesome! I've been looking for either that or a flatbed. What is the weight of that box? And beautiful set up you have!
Hello everyone! This is my 2016 Alaskan Camper! It is the 7' model! Right now it is sitting on top of a 2004 silverado 2500hd with 6.0 vortec. That might be changing to a 2008 duramax here shortly if I don't get cold feet!!


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I noticed my photo from two years ago page 6 isn't showing so I'm reuploading.
My 78 Mini, wider than it is long. 6' 1/2" length x 6' 3" width.

My early 70s 8' cabover. In a bit over my head. Project is coming along slowly but steadily

NOT MY TRUCK...but I can wish.

Since you asked 72, 8' CO, Side dinette.


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My 1977 10' Alaskan on my 2013 F-250 6.2. I took this pic I think in 2019 at the "bowl" on top of Hwy 20 at Rainy Pass. The haze is all the smoke from the fires burning up in BC Canada at the time.

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