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Nov 17, 2013
Northeast Oregon
It appears Ram is going to grace us with a third row option on their trucks. Per the article, it is a fold out into the bed. Slightly reminiscent of the old Subaru Brat. My preference would be for a double decker 🙄 like the old London buses.

For around 5 years my daily driver was a 2001 Mazda/Ford Ranger pickup with an extended cab. It had rudimentary jump seats and some sort of "seat belts" for the silly little seats. I told the family those seats were reserved for those who had really annoyed me. Replaced it with a newer F150 Crew Cab because I wasn't actually about to put the grandkids back there, annoyed or not. And anybody larger than elementary school age ain't squeezing in behind the front bucket seats, anyway.

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