**SOLD** 2011 FWC Finch Camper for sale (NW WA)

Sedro F. Woolley

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Dec 31, 2016
NW Washington State
2011 FWC Finch Camper for sale (NW WA) $13,500

We are selling our 2011 Four Wheel (FWC) “Finch” popup camper, which we purchased used in 2017. This is the smallest FWC camper, and at 6 feet long fits our 2009 Tacoma long bed perfectly without having to remove the tailgate. This camper comes with two heavy steel FWC internal tie-down plates that attach to a second-gen (2005-2015) long bed Tacoma using four of the bolts that attach the composite bed to the frame. The plates are removable, which makes it much easier to use the truck as a pickup when the camper isn’t loaded. As far as we can tell from information available on the web, this tie-down system will work with a third-gen (2016-) long bed Tacoma, and also that the camper will fit in a 5’ bed second or third-gen Tacoma with the tailgate removed, but this requires using external tie-downs.

We love this camper but have decided it’s time to upgrade to something a bit roomier. We have taken it on long trips around the west from BC and Alberta to California and Arizona, including staying off grid in isolated, hard to reach places accessible only with four-wheel drive. The manufacturer is renowned for building lightweight, welded aluminum frame campers that hold up to rugged use.

It’s clean and in good condition, with little more than normal wear, and has been well maintained. It has always been stored in a dry garage when not in use. We have made significant upgrades over the years, including a 150 watt rooftop solar charging system with a lithium battery. This is a lot of camper in a small, nimble and affordable package. We are the third owners. The Washington State title is clear.

Serious inquiries only, please.

Standard Specifications:
Base dry weight: 660 lbs.
External gas strut roof lift helpers
Queen-size, slide-out bed with modular mattress cushions
Dometic 1.9 c.f. 3-way (LPG-120VAC-12VDC) refrigerator
Atwood 12K BTU/hr propane furnace with thermostat
Atwood 2-burner propane cooktop with cover
3 gallon propane tanks (2)
Built-in stainless steel sink
Whale hand pump (just rebuilt)
22-gallon water tank
Fantastic Vent Fan
IOTA DLS30 120V AC to 12V DC Converter/Charger
IOTA IDP30 120V AC - 12V DC Distribution Panel
Sure Power Model 1314 Battery Separator
Mechanical corner jacks (4) with front bed clearance plates
Detailed camper measurements available on request

Tie-down system (included):
Four Wheel steel tie-down plates and rings for Toyota Tacoma composite bed (2)
Heavy rubber bed mats (fit in front of, in between, and behind tie-down plates)
Internal bed tie-down turnbuckles (4)

BattleBorn BB10012 12V, 100 AH LiFePo4 (lithium) battery (2021, $900)
IOTA IQ LiFePo Smart Charge Controller plug-in module (2021)
Renogy 12V 150W Monocrystalline Solar Panel (2017)
Bogart SC2030 Solar Charger (2017)
Bogart TriMetric TM2030 Battery Monitor (2017)
LED interior lighting (2017)
LED rear exterior lighting (2022)
Folding plastic step stool
LPG and carbon monoxide detector/alarm (2021)
*Custom “dinette” with Lagun swiveling table
Homemade, Reflectix-type thermal pack (attaches to interior, factory sewn-in Velcro flap, reduces softwall heat loss/gain, condensation)

* We converted the rollover bench seat to a small dinette that allows two people to sit facing each other across an adjustable Lagun table which can be raised, lowered, and swiveled. Due to the limited space, this arrangement is not perfect in terms of comfort, but we have spent many hours hanging out in it at night and during bad weather, and still find it much preferable to the old bench seat configuration. It would be possible to modify this further so that it could be used as a one-person fold-down bed.

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2011 Finch is SOLD!

For the life of me, though, I can’t figure out how to edit the original post to show that. Or even how to find help on WTW with managing posts. I see that people regularly do that, so what am I missing? A bunch of brain cells, I guess!
Congrats on your sale! I've edited the topic title with **SOLD**. FYI, at the top of this page, to the right just under the title it says "Topic Moderation". Click there and a drop down menu appears with options.
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