Cell Phone Telephoto Attachment?


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Nov 18, 2007
Portland OR
Our Lumix 30x superzoom has been eclipsed by my Pixel 6 pro - except for telephoto. The Pixel does a great job otherwise - photos are for personal enjoyment and not for publishing or large format. And I prefer the Pixel over my wife's Samsung S22+ (or an iPhone 14 pro max) for the generally more natural color rendition.

Anyone have any experience with the cell phone telephoto attachments? They seem rather unwieldy and a bit of a hassle to setup. And I'm not sure a cell phone telephoto is any more convenient than the Lumix - yet another device to charge. And the image quality?

I've been taking photos since the 1950s (7 years old with a 120 B&W with 3 aperture settings on a 6 month trip) and always having a camera in my pocket has made grabbing a shot so immediate and simple.
I've used two external lenses for my phone, and one of them is this telephoto. Its magnification is better than nothing for my iPhone XR and the image quality is pretty decent. It's also quite easy to use, though it does require having your phone in one of Moment's phone cases. Honestly, I've found myself using Moment's macro lens far more often. It is surprisingly good. When I upgrade to a new phone with a better camera later this year, it'll just require getting a Moment case for the lenses to work with it.

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