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Wandering Sagebrush

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Nov 17, 2013
Northeast Oregon
On our last trip, Diana and I realized that we needed a travel trailer that was easier to handle, and more capable in cold weather. We had been talking about a smaller fiberglass trailer for quite a while, and finally decided to order a new Oliver LE II. I texted one of my friends who had an Ollie, and engaged with one of the sales folks at Oliver. My buddy got back to me with the information I requested, and I sent a build sheet to Oliver.

While I was typing a text to the sales person, a text from my friend came in asking if we were interested in their Oliver. As they were heading home to Central Oregon from Montana, it was convenient (and timely) for them to stop by Fort Sagebrush to let us walk through the Ollie again.

We loved it, and we’re headed to CO next Sunday to complete the purchase and bring Roadrunner back to its new home.

That means the Desert Tortoise, our 2012 Airstream Flying Cloud 25 FB is going on the market. If anyone is interested, send me a pm. I’ll post a sale notice when it’s ready to go.
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