Critter Cam for outside the camper at night?


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Dec 18, 2017
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Headed to Yellowstone and thought it would be interesting to see what critters wander by the camper in the night.

Anyone have a recommendation for a wireless system that doesn't require WIFI, cellular or internet?

I see game camera 4 packs for sale, probably the least expensive option, but that would require attaching and removing each camera daily and accessing the SIM cards to view the footage. I'd probably forget and drive off with them hanging on a tree or the side of the truck.

We have 5 Blink cameras outside the house to view the deer, raccoons, bobcats and such, and it's easy to view on the cell phone each morning, but I'm not aware of a system like that that would work in the camper without WIFI. I'm not wanting to drill holes or run wires.

Casa Escarlata Robles Too said:
Lots of critters in YNP to view at night.
That's what I figured Frank, not only there but most of the out of the way places we visit. It would be fun to see what snoops around the truck after we turn in.

It seemed like a simple thing, some battery powered cameras that attach to the outside and Bluetooth images to a DVR in the camper with a small monitor attached, but I'm not finding anything like that. Most are elaborate, expensive wired systems geared toward security for big expensive RV's.
Casa Escarlata Robles Too said:
Can you just use a regular critter cam mounted to the camper?
That's the current plan, but I was hoping there might be an option closer to a camera or cameras on the outside and a monitor inside, kind of like looking out the window without having to look out the window, just glance over at the monitor and see what's going on outside without opening the door or lifting the window covers and scarring off whatever curious critters might be hanging out.
Not a tech genius but could you use another smart phone/device outside and connect with Bluetooth?
I saw something about an App that will let you use a"smart device" and connect to Bluetooth.
The outside device has to be powered all the time.
Does Bluetooth need WiFi?
I guess the criteria would be battery operated cameras with motion detection and night vison connected wirelessly to a 12V DVR that has a monitor for viewing live and recorded footage. Ideally you could connect multiple cameras, ether with suction cups or magnets to the vehicle or placed on trees, chairs or tables around the campsite.

Easy, right?
Follow up.

Not surprisingly I didn't find the critter cam of my dreams and the game camera option may have worked, however....

.... our 3 night neighbor in our campsite in the Slough Creek Campground near the Lamar Valley felt compelled to leave the very bright exterior lights on his camper on all night.

When asked why he left his lights on he stated that "this isn't a dark sky designated area" and that he wanted to be able to see outside should anything, or anyone make noise outside his camper at night. I mentioned it was kind of annoying to have bright lights shining in my open windows all night with such pleasant weather and in such a beautiful wilderness setting and his response was that I could close my blinds. He continued to rattle off his justifications for using his lights as I wished him a pleasant visit and turned and walked away to his continued to "blah blah blah" to my retreating back.

We didn't see any tourists get gored by a Bison or mauled by a Grizzly, but I can think of one that I would have enjoyed seeing get stomped by an Elk.
My favorite (I have both Bushnell and Browning) its the Browning ...16Mp... real small and takes great shots to SD card.
Hey Steve I've had 4 cameras... three Bushnell Trophy Cam HD over 12 years and the last few years they fell apart...gaskets then battery wire frayed then wonky circuit boards ... 2 died I still have;'s holding on. Then I bought a Browning Model BTC-8E.
It is a third the size...has more Pixels ... has a slide in battery holder rather than in the main door area. Access to the controls and card is easier to get at in that you can swap out a card (for viewing in the warm house) without having to take it out of the bear metal box (which is actually an anti-human theft box really) I use a cord lock to deter any 'tampering' by trespassers who want to disable the camera if they see them,... I allow hikers on the land but have a few areas that are private ...most folks respect that. It is now 3 years old and going strong. Batteries last 6 months (on photos) and perhaps 3 on video. If I had to buy a new one today I'd go with the Browning. It is also small easy to hide at a camp spot for a "travel security camera" . if gone for the day or wanting yto see what passes at night.

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