Fire Heat Deflector

CPT Davenport

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Dec 18, 2021
Davenport CA
After noticing one of these in a post from Longhorn1, I've been looking around at options. They are quite pricy so I may try to make my own. The one used by Longhorn1 stands vertically around the fire pit.

In my search I have also seen a deflector with legs that sits above the fire and reflects the heat outward.

Last winter we did quite a bit of camping with temps in the low 20*s. We would lower our awning at an angle and hug the truck with our fire pit to the high side of the awning. This kept more heat in and made it bearable to sit outside in those temps.

I like the idea of the deflector and wondering if anyone has any experience with either type and can offer feedback.

We are running a Little Red Campfire as our source of flame.


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