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Jan 12, 2007
There have been a few upgrades since I was first an EMT. I tried one them yesterday after injuring myself. Of course my trauma kit was behind the chainsaw, nothing like digging out the gear while you're bleeding :)
One of the things I recently added was So I used that and wrapped it with gauze. Worked great, didn't adhere to the wound at all.

Another is Burnshield dre
ssing. Even a minor burn can really ruin your day and though I haven't used it yet I think it'll work great.

I had considered a suture kit at one time but that seems to be a bad idea to do in the field so I've added Steri strips to my kit. Hope I don't need them.
Thanks Craig. I supplemented our first aid kit based on your suggestions.
I read the report on the BDR trip near Steens and how one of the participants badly broke their arm. Incredibly lucky to have a doctor and an airplane nearby. That's not likely to happen again.

Back when I was an EMT I carried air splints and cardboard splints. Not very practical. Besides taking up a lot of space the plastic air splints degraded quickly as did the cardboard splints, especially when they got wet.

In the video it looks like the doc used SAM splints to splint the arm. Fairly inexpensive, don't take up a lot of room and should last a long time (aluminum core). I'd intended to add some to my kit a long time ago and never got around to it. I just ordered some.

Another thing I'm going to do is dump the contents of my trauma kit out and see what needs to be replaced, what's missing etc. Something that should be done annually that I've been slacking on.
Went through both of my trauma kits today. Tossed a bunch of stuff. Old band aids where the paper has deteriorated. Some items that were no longer sterile. Some things I'll no longer use like a c-spine collar. If you need one we'll wait for the helicopter. Cold packs that aged out.

Most of what I just ordered was replacement stuff. New band aids. New antiseptic wipes. New cold packs.

New addition is a tourniquet. Yes you can make do but these are one hand application and similar to what the military uses.

I had enough room left in the big kit for the Sam splints.

Next up will be to take a look at the small kit I carry for hiking.

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