2005 Eagle (aka. Ruby) Upgrades (Post 2)


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May 7, 2024
In my last post I asked about lighting and a wander the west user @Vic Harder suggested I swap it out with a new LED rig from Amazon. It worked out great and added a ton of light around the camper. Thanks Vic

Amazon.com: BlueFire Super Bright LED RV Porch Light RV Exterior Lights Porch Utility Light 12V Replacment Light with ON/OFF Switch, Clear and Amber Removable Lens for RV, Trailer, Camper (1 Pack) : Automotive



So awhile back I tested the heater, and it made a loud banging noise, so I decided to pull it out. It's pretty old and you can see how some of the rubber had melted on top. So, I think I will try some new heater options down the road.


I went camping in the camper for the first-time last week with my oldest son. On the way back we hit a huge rainstorm. When I got home, I noticed some water leakage on the front seams inside the cabin. I did some research and found a waterproof table cover that fits the camper perfectly. It also has straps that can be titenend on eack corner. Amazing! This will solve my water leaking issue when I am driving. You can find the cover here.



The last issue I had was some wood rot on the front right corner. I found some thin wood board that I cut and applied waterproof gorilla spray to protect it. I then screwed it into the same location and replaced all the screws along the edging. My arm is sore now.


Thanks for checking out my post. Happy Camping. Coleman
That's a pretty decent looking repair on the cabover bottom! I need to do something like that soon too. The rot there is likely from those water leaks you found in the rainstorm. the black trim that goes around the camper has screws under it. Those can develop leaks.
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