What's My '03 Grandby Worth?

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Dec 16, 2010
Southern California
I'm planning to sell my Grandby. I'd like an estimate of its value and tips about the safest method of selling. I plan to post an ad here in Gear Exchange. Hope I'm posting in the right spot now.

I own an 03 Grandby with the extended cab-over purchased in 2009. I believe I'm the second owner. It has most of the options available but here's a list of features;

Arctic pack
Screen door
Rear wall steps, rear porch light
Front sliding window
Louvered window
Side awning
2 fantastic fans
2 burner stove
3 way refrigerator
Wave 3 heater, I replaced the original Suburban (broken fan blade) and still have it.
Led interior lights- I replaced the originals
A Battle Born lithium battery
140 watt portable solar panel
Sink/ water pump
Outside shower
Water heater
Dining table
Porta Potti
Propane tank
Storage capacity for about 20 gallons of water
4 camper jacks
A wheeled platform the camper can be lowered onto and moved around.

I'll post pictures with the ad. I'll come back and post pictures with this post if I can.
Since I've owned the camper it's spent most of its life garaged. I'm in San Clemente, CA.
Thanks for any tips about safely selling and value. Jim
NADA still has an online value guide. I played with it a little and didn't think it was very accurate for your vintage. It goes from current year to 1980. Seemed a little more accurate for the older units which is what I am interested in. Doesn't cost anything but a little time to take a look at it.

Thanks Dan for the information. I didn't find NADA accurate either based on the few Grandby's I've seen for sale.

I'd like to get in the ballpark with price but it's not critical.

Security is important too. My camper is on my truck so I can meet a potential buyer somewhere other than my residence.
Its worth whatever someone will pay... location and condition are a huge factor.

I always say start high and go from there.. unless you need to unload it quick.
Regarding transaction safety, be aware that cashiers checks can be faked and your bank won’t necessarily find out for several days. I would talk to an experienced person at your bank to see what they recommend. They advise used car buyers on transaction safety all the time, and may offer to assist you In closing the transaction. Even if it’s 20k, asking for cash delivered at your bank isn’t unreasonable. The new $100 bills are hard to fake and your bank has a counting machine that checks them at the same time. Your bank will probably recommend an electronic transfer as safest for amounts over about 10k.

For the seller of a big ticket item that a thief can’t grab, run, and sell easily, the transaction is low risk as long as you are careful not to take a bad cashier’s check or counterfeit cash. The transaction is more risky for the buyer especially if they are asked to provide cash.

My experience has been that if you require a face to face local sale, you can size the person up and get comfortable, especially if it’s a retirement age couple like it’s likely to be for this. I have sold cars, music gear, and large tools locally on Craigslist. There are scammers that try to suck you into a stupid remote transaction, but I have only had good experiences with people who actually show up. Read the scammer alert section on Craigslist if you haven’t recently. They discuss the latest shenanigans scammers try to pull.
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