Light updates on Eagle 2005


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May 7, 2024
Hello Campers,
So, I have been looking at the inside lights and was wondering what suggestions people have for LED replacement on a 2005 Eagle.
  1. Are these LED lights?
  2. Is there a LED light that will work with this old housing?
  3. Or do I need to replace the whole panel? :unsure:

Also, I was thinking about replacing my old outside lights with flood lights. What would you suggest as an affordable 12v replacement.

Thanks, Coleman
I replaced my incandescent porch light bulbs with LED equivalents years ago. There are better choices now but I probably have, at least, 50,000 hours left in the conversion kits I got at Englund marine for 1157 sockets for the Hawk porch and awning lights.
Remove the cover from the amber porch light, remove the bulb, & go to a marine, RV, or auto supply store & ask for an LED replacement.

I use the same porch lights Vic linked. Much brighter than my old led's. Unfortunately many of the older led's had some quality issues.
I'm seeing some porch light offerings here and there that are dual color (white and amber), I'm gonna look more and read reviews but that seems like the ideal to me. White and bright is good at times but other times is blinding, annoying to those around (if you're near folks) and attracts bugs. On my trailer I swapped my light out for an amber one to tone it down. Yes I realize the ones Vic linked you can change the lens on, I was thinking the two in one options if they don't suck could be interesting.
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