For Sale: Go Fast Camper Reservation For Sale *SOLD*


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Jan 16, 2020
For Sale: GFC Camper reservation build number 789. Production to start June 2020.

I paid the $500 deposit for a GFC camper reservation, but will not be purchasing the camper.

If you buy the GFC deposit today (1/16/20) direct from GFC, you won't receive your camper until April 2021.

Now is your chance to pick all the options and colors for your camper and be able to pick it up in July from their factory.

I'm willing to sell the $500 deposit for $400. That's right, get $100 credit towards your camper! I just really want to get rid of it.

Transferring of the deposit is a painless process.

Thank you!
Thank you for the interest, but the deposit has been sold. It was for the standard size and the current price is 6450 before options. More information is available on their website
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