Help me identify this 80s truck camper.


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Jun 8, 2024
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I came across this on FB marketplace and I am hoping to identify the brand to ensure I can pick up the inevitable replacement canvas. Also trying to not exceed the payload capacity of my truck. 😅

It was listed as a 1983 Hawk 4x4 camper, but I don't recognize the lifting mechanism.


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That is not a Four Wheel Campers. Older pop-up, wood frame construction, could be one of many different brands back then. Jayco, Texan, Palomino, Northstar, Starcraft, etc.
I believe it's an early 80s Sunlite Eagle with an updated interior. My brother has a 1984 Eagle so that's what had me looking for photos of Sunlites.

Scroll down to the photos in this post and compare.
*RIP* Fixing an old Sun Lite TC

(Roof latch positions, cabover shape, and the rear door offset from center all seem to match)

The lift mechanism is known as a HECO lift.

A typical problem on these is rotten mount points for the torsion bars in the roof, leading to lifting and dropping problems with the roof. In this case the roof looks like it may have had some work done.
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