How to charge ecoflow with roof solar


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May 16, 2022
I’ve got FWC Hawk with 200w on the roof, Victron solar controller with two 6v(12v) batteries.
what I’m wanting to do is figure out a way to charge my ecoflow via the rooftop solar panel while simultaneously charging the house batteries.

Essentially charging 2 lead acids and a liFePO4(the ecoflow has its own mppt)
my First thought was to just wire the ecoflow charging cable to the solar input of the Victron, but I don’t know if it would be that simple

maybe there is some kind of switch I can set to charge one or the other?

I know 200 isn’t a ton of solar but it’s what I got for now. I’d like to someday get a portable panel
Is your 200 watts from one or two solar panels?

If you have two100 watt panels in parallel, you could wire one to the Delta and one to the Victron. That would cut the charging power to your house batteries in half but allow you simultaneous charging.

With one 200 watt panel, wire a connector to the cable from the panel and wire connectors to the solar input to the Delta and build or buy another cable with the same type of connector on the solar inout to the Victron. Plug the solar cable to either the Victron solar input cable or the Delta solar input cable and choose which one you want to charge. That would be time sharing your single 200 watt panel.

I wouldn't just wire the Delta solar input to the Victron solar input without talking to both Victron and to Delta.

Either of these methods should be considered temporary until you get sufficient solar panels for your needs. Solar panels are cheap enough to buy a suitcase or folding solar panel just for the Delta.

+1 to what Paul said. Do not hook up two controllers to one panel. I simple SPST switch that can carry 30A would make it simple to switch as well.
I have thought about doing the same thing but wiring directly to the solar wires themselves and then to the Victron. It was suggested to put a switch in but that is just more stuff in the Bat Box. I have a Bluetti EB70s and I think the ecoflow operates the same way, I have been successful just plugging the Bluetti into the 12v cigarette plug and pass through charging while running the fridge. If I do a fair amount of driving it will charge it completely. I also have 200W on the roof.
I think I have decided that down the road I will just get a remote panel. That way I can use it for the house bat if I’m in the shade or charge the Bluetti. I like multitaskers :)
Thanks for the replies
first off it is 1 200w panel on the roof

i like the idea of either connecting together the solar to the house batteries or the solar to the ecoflow via some type of quick connects like 2 pin automotive connector or the mc4 solar connectors
if the house batteries are full I disconnect them and plug in the ecoflow

pass thru idea is good too
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