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Jul 26, 2011
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I have no trouble logging in on my computer and up until yesterday that was true as well on the iPad and iPhone app. I checked and all three devices use the same password. It accepts it on the MacBook but just suddenly now not on the two IOS devices. Keeps telling me I am using the wrong password.
I am experiencing the same issue. iPhone app won't let me login. Error message reads "Log in Failed. Unauthorized app detected"
Yes... good sleuthing. I was able to log in on the iPhone when I went through Safari on both the iPhone and iPad. The App will not accept the password on IOS iPad or iPhone.
FYI, I am having the same issue for the last few days also. I just ignored the message and X ed out and was able to see and read the unread messages as normal. But when I went to reply to this one, it wouldn’t let me. I had to log in through Chrome to input. So there is something that changed recently.
I tried again on both IOS devises again this morning and still no go... got this window though as well


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We have contacted the app provider about this and hopefully will get some resolution quickly. Thanks for your patience.
Hello again. Tried to log in on the iPhone app and it would not allow. I saw via email I had a PM and it said I did not have permission.
I just had a PM from Janet. She has alerted the folks that developed the app. I’m not sure of how long the fix will take, but I suggest Safari until then.

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