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A new and a re-done old mod. The old one was very useful. I made a shelf from scrap marine ply and heavily polyurethaned it. It is 8 x 15.5" x 3/4". We found that if one of us is in the camper especially at meal-serving-up time... being able to hand stuff out the sliding "concession window" in the screen door, onto the shelf not having to wait for the person to run over... as well as getting in and out with a plate of stuff or a couple beers... easier and safer to pop them onto the shelf and get out then retrieve. It is just handy back by the door.
It also serves as a place to carry a 5 gallon fuel can with a couple of ratchet straps if/when the need arises. Our first one lasted six years and this one is better.
The second mod is a cheat. I have a dog and she is in the back cab on a platform (removed the seats). I wanted to have a sliding screen door for the rear window and they used to make them (still sold but supplies are dwindling) they fit only the full size truck. Bought one and could not get it to fit right so got $ back. I really like the idea of a screen to keep the cab cool and the bugs and or critters out. Get air to the dog too! It helps keep the cab a bit cooler on a hot day too as it stays open while the camper is on.
I made it from ripping some pressure treated pine down to 1/4" and using 5 minute epoxy made a sturdy frame with overlapping corner pieces which also cover aluminum screen edge. It fits snug against the edges and is held in nicely with the seat belt buckle. Never have to reach back to open for the dog as it stays open. Definitely less than $5. for both.


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Another one that is essential if you are a carry in carry out leave no trace kinda guy/gal... most folks have a beer opener on the back but a handy addition is the rare earth magnet right below... this way that frisky bottle cap stays put and even quite a few of them. This way no stray cap is left behind. Drives me nuts to find a slob has been there before me... cig butts especially. It should be the 8th deadly sin. Oh 5 minutes epoxy is what is called for. I made a spring clamp out of a scrap piece of 1/4” wood to hold them with double sided tape for 10 minutes. Presto! IMG_5877.JPGIMG_5878.JPG
Its great for messages to the misses when I leave early to fish or to make a list for the next store stop. Super handy
I got tired ... because I am forgetful... of opening my window after a rain storm and backing up only to get a gallon of water gush off the roof into my open window. By the time the window is rolled up all the water is on the inside! So for $6 I bough 6 ft of peal and stick rain gutter. Instead of mounting it in the sides cleaned a 1” strip across the roof front just behind the front door and about an inch in front of the Yakima tracks and stuck it down. Now water hits and diverts off to the side behind my windows. Yee haw. IMG_6019.JPG
This didn’t cost me much either. Just taking stuff out and relocating. I bought two front runner boxes and a cooler and put them where the storage cabinet was. I wanted a setup that would have things organized in boxes for cooking and such so we could quickly get setup and repacked. The boxes are easy to use having all you need to cook then repack outside and put in the camper. The cooler is to replace the icebox I converted. That space will also eventually hold a 40qt Engel fridge. I will also have new cushions made for the area.
Oakleyrossi said:
Nothing new and copied from other members. The dollar store has some good finds if you keep hunting
We have one too. Had one in our old travel trailer. I think our noteboard gets used more than anything else.
Hooks! Gotta have 'em. Hang your hat, dishtowel, headlamp, you name it.

The lift panel over the door is a good place for hooks. Command hooks work, but sometimes I want more hooks, or hooks in a different place.

Ace Hardware has these belt key clips for $1.99.


Remove the ring and bend one side out to make a hook.


Stretch your popup bungees across the lift panel and clip the hooks on.


Slide them around where you want them.


If you get too much weight, like heavy coats, all on one bungee, the bungee end hook can slide down the panel. So there is a weight limit. I route the bungee over the top of the pull handle on the panel to support heavier items.
I use bags of bags, plastic type grocery type for packing around food and great for keeping pots and pans from shifting about.
Ok, under the topic "cheap fix to stupid nagging issue," and it's raining, I "fixed" the "vent cover opens at hwy speeds" with whatever I could find in the garage...
step 1) attach light spring shortened and rebent...may modify later...
step 2) drill holes in knob
step 3) hook end of spring into holes to keep knob tight without overtightening

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