Need some help on overhead cabinets


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Apr 28, 2024
Working on a 1964 8" NCO that does not have overhead storage bins. Never seen one in person and I can guess at the structure or do my own version, but it would be helpful to see what the factory did. Would someone be kind enough to post some pictures or a an explanation of how these are made? Thanks.
Hello vintagehistoric, and welcome to WTW. Other than point you to the sub forum for Alaskans, I don’t have much to offer. My suspicion is securing them to a solid frame will be the biggest issue. Photos in the members galleries will help with the aesthetics. You might reach out to the members who post there with a private message.
The early ones didn't have such bins so authenticity suggests not using them. If you want to go ahead, though, they are made mostly of 1/8" plywood or board with an internal frame of 3/4" square Doug fir or pine. At the back and side the frame is screwed through the paneling into the camper's frame, and at the top it is secured by 2" metal L-brackets also screwed into overhead frame members. Brackets should be spaced every 2 ft or less. I added lights to the underside of the bins to illuminate the galley area. I've thought of redesigning the overhead bins to simply be shelves bounded by coarse webbing or dowel risers because as it is, it's a little hard to see what's inside the bins, especially for short people. If you use doors on the bins, they should be hinged on the bottom side so they stay open while you're searching inside.
Every so often you can find an Alaskan being parted out. I think I would keep an eye for it and buy the storage bins already built. Hey Doc, that's a great idea adding lights to it.
Thanks for the replies; not sure I want to wait for a parts source, plus none of the curves on mine are quite the same profile. Dr. Science, the details help fill in what I see in pictures of the exterior of the bins. Been debating top or bottom hinges as both have advantages, but part of the plan was to add 12v LED lights to improve on the general lighting.

Not sure that originality adds bonus money for selling when I augur in, but those cabinets sure add utility while I'm above ground.
Hello vintagehistoric! My '63 NCO had the same issue: no overhead bins. I'm happy to share images of my build and answer any questions as to how I went about creating/hanging the bins.
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