New here and going to purchase a new 8ft Grandby


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Mar 31, 2024
Many questions, most about the dimensions of the storage compartments. I’m surprised there are not diagrams available. First off, we’ve been wandering all over the west since I retired 8-1/2 years ago and are always reluctant to head home. The last trip was a nine week tour to the Arctic Ocean up through the NWT. We are selling our beautiful circa 1914 Craftsman / Queen Anne, selling our Landcruiser and expo trailer, and going to go with the Grandby upon a Norweld 8ft flatbed atop an F350 4x4. Coordinating all of this is proving to be a challenge, and one of the hurdles is knowing just how deep & wide the storage compartments under the dinette and the floor under the table. The biggie? How deep is the storage under the bed up top. With this info I can do a mock up with cardboard so we know what we can bring. Thanks for your time!
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