New location for charge controller in Fleet (front dinette)?


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Mar 7, 2016
I have my new charge controller and the new battery is coming early this week. So, ... I'm trying to figure out where to put the charge controller in my 2017 Fleet (front dinette).

One promising location is the back wall of the cabinet directly above the battery bay.
charge-controller-location - 1.jpg

I'm not sure what the material on the back of that cabinet is (except that it's not wood), so I'm not sure how to mount something to it. I'm almost wondering whether I should mount it to a thin piece of plywood and glue that to the back wall of the cabinet with 3M VHB tape.

I could also mount it to the cabinet wall on the right side of the photo, but it'd be harder to see the indicator lights and wire connections.

Another possible location would be the back side of the cabinet door for accessing the turnbuckle under the kitchen cabinet. It'd actually be pretty tidy there, easy to access, and not obstructing a useful storage cabinet, but that space isn't technically inside the camper so it might be a bad idea from a standpoint of weather protection (the camper will rarely be off the back of our truck, though).
Mine is mounted on the right wall but our cabinet is mostly taken up by the hot water heater. I never even look in there as all the info is transmitted to the phone app or on the readout on the from of the cabinet.
For our 2015 Fleet front dinette, I cut the kitchen fascia panel about 12 inches from the right end and attached that piece with a piano hinge to make for easy access. I screwed a right-angle Al under the counter and at the bottom of the opening, to which I ran two pieces of 1" right angles vertically. I mounted my MTTP and DC-DC to the Al right-angles. I also reworked the layout and components on the panel. The 12V outlets are now around the corner on the side of the kitchen cabinet near the window - no more bumping into the USB cable and bending the connector. Troubleshooting is just two screws out and everything is easy to get to.

I did this about 3 years ago, and by that time the counter top had warped - you can see the gap at the top left of the door..

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