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Quick trip to Texas for family reasons so wasn’t able to “wander” bud did take the opportunity to go off the beaten path. FWIW, we stayed at county fairgrounds in when we didn’t want to linger (ie late nights/early mornings). A great compromise to campgrounds and usually empty. IMG_7869.JPG

Sunrise at Gooding County ID fairgrounds
IMG_7882.JPGIMG_7884.JPG arrived at lake Meredith north of Amarillo just in time to enjoy the sunset
Thanks, we are getting used to the space. Really like the fact that it’s self-contained and can jump in the back and make a sandwich while my wife is driving cruising down the hwy.
It’s a 2500 turbo gasser
Town: 15-17 mpg
Hwy: 65-70mph > 21-23mpg
Hwy: 75-80mph > 16-18mpg
Found a nice spot to camp just north of Amarillo, just in time to watch the sun set.
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