Prototype done- protective “Bra” for front of cabover

ckent323 said:
Random thought stemming from thinking about a windscreen type bug deflector.

Suppose a frame of some type holding an Aluminum panel or even a shaped plastic panel the full width of the front of the camper and up close to it, which extends up to the top of the closed roofline, was affixed to the bottom of the over cab portion. It could have cutouts for the latches. Perhaps better, it could be attached to the front of the over cab portion to give it a lot of stiffness not just from underneath, maybe using the latch attachments screws (or slightly longer screws in the same holes perhaps).

Hopefully this stimulates some other thinking.
I made something like this. The wind buffeting is quite bad and the anything attached at the front of the overhang takes a beating. I also think it looked like ass, but that's subjective. It was difficult to actuate the latches. No significant benefit. However, this did lead to something beneficial, simple and easy to make. When I have a chance I'll post some pics.
It feels like a solution looking for a problem. I typically use a miracle eraser sponge and some water and the bugs and debris come right off. The nose then gets a few coats of wax which reduces the debris a lot. I'd be concerned with water being caught underneath that cover as well.
I usually find just keeping it wet for a while before the final rinse does a good job of getting the bugs off. I thought about using the pressure washer after this last trip but the hose alone did fine.
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