Renogy Battery Monitor / truck charging help needed


Jun 11, 2022
Hi all, I have a 2003 Hawk. I just put a new100AH AGM battery in, as well as a Renogy Battery Monitor. And I did do a search for this problem, but did not see anything similar. The battery checks out fine, and I have the monitor hooked up as per the Renogy instructions- Truck charging wires to neg and pos on the battery, camper wiring pos to pos terminal of battery, neg of battery to shunt, shunt to neg of camper wiring.

The issue is I can see the battery usage when it is drawing power, but when the truck is running, it does not show on the monitor that It is being charged. I disconnected the wires coming from the truck alternator too check if there is power coming off the alternator( stock 4WC installation) and I am getting 14.6V, so that seems fine.

Either the monitor is not reading correctly that there is a charge going on, or the battery is not actually being charged. Anyone have thoughts? I rang Renogy, but they were stumped. Any help greatly appreciated!

Sounds like your truck negative needs to be attached to the Shunt too. Hope this helps, Bigfoot Dave, Duluth MN -1 this morning
Agreed. The negative wire from the truck should be attached to the side of the shunt that is away from the camper battery.

And it was a balmy 20F this morning in the Seattle area.
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