Replacement Roof Vent/Fan


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May 19, 2024
Need to replace one of the 2 Roof Vent Fans units on my 2007 Alaskan 10' cab over. Can't find any markings as to the brand/model? It has a manual crank to open the tinted lid, variable speed fan, forward and reverse fan blade motion. Anyone have this info?

Thanks Vic, It looks like Fan-Tastic is now Dometic. So I got a Dometic model 1450, it fits in the opening and wiring matches up. However, it has some strange exterior clips and the outside dimension on the exterior flange where it fastens down to roof is 16-1/2", whereas the original fan is 17". The 17" provides more coverage over the opening for sealant, etc. I am thinking of going with a Dometic model 2250, but having a hard time finding out the exterior flange dimension? Guess I'll call Dometic Corp. and find out. I really was hoping to get lucky and find the exact model with same specs, etc. that was used when they built my 2007 Alaskan, most likely discontinued.... I did send an e-mail to Alaskan Camper, but no response? Anyway, I will soldier on. Thanks again.

Probably too late but in case anyone else comes along, I replaced mine with a Maxxair deluxe that has the cover over it so bugs and rain can’t get in but you can still leave it open. I’d go for that one as it’s only a bit more but well worth it.
I'm going to replace my over bed Fantastic vent with broken lift arm (original to the camper, I think, seems like very old and brittle plastic) with a Maxx Air 4000k fan. What are the chances the wires are in the ceiling already (Hawk flatbed 2016)?
I suspect the wires are there. IIRC, there is a thread or two that discusses the location, and when the pre wire of the vent began. They may not be connected at the bus end.
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