Mar 20, 2022
Quick story so you know where I am coming from. My Ram 2500 has the Rambox bed in it. There appears to be many truck campers that claim to fit my truck until they get to the measurement of the floor just under the door. Most camper manufacturers are utilizing the dead space behind the wheel well and "flare" out their camper from typical 40" or 48" floor between the wheel well, to 52" (mid-size truck) or 58" (full size truck).
However, I have found two campers that would actually fit - The Palomino backpack 500SS and the SCOUT YoHo. The Yoho has 39" all the way from font to back. These two campers are built with an exact rectangle floor and no more than a 40" width.

So, I am desperately looking for someone who is selling a Scout Yoho. I need to buy a camper within the next two months as a trip for me and my daughter has been planned for the last year. She graduates college and we are going out to see all the national parks and other sites.

I already have a YoHo on order (ordered a year ago) but now I am being told, like many in the same situation, that my build is delayed at least another two months. This will miss my window for the trip.

Anyone selling? Would be happy to talk to you and setup a purchase. Thank you for the help!

hi everyone!
ok, opinion question i was thinking through but don't know if it is a good idea....

There is a dealer who is keeping a Cirrus 620 for me right now. The width would fit but super tight because of the ratchet system on the Cirrus.

What if i had the Decked roller drawer bed installed to the truck? The question i need your opinion on is it would lift the camp 12".
This would clear my rails, but is 12" too high?

What would be max height you could safely "lift" a camp with a subfloor in the bed without disturbing the center of gravity too much?

thanks for all the help thinking this through with me :)
My 2¢… that is too much lift. We have a Ford F-350 and a Big Northern Lite, and we are just under 12’ in height. I couldn’t imagine it any higher. I have all that I want to handle in terms of sway and wind resistance. I wouldn’t do it, I’d pull a small cargo trailer instead.

That said, you might talk to all parties (truck, camper, drawer mfgr) and present them with your thoughts.
Just looking at the Rambox option.
You might have better luck with having a custom built
camper. Marty at ATC might be able to help you with that.
But the interior would possible be a bit narrow.
Like Steve pointed out that camper is already,in a regular bed
about 12' off the ground.
That's a lot of tall CG.

Of course this is only my opinion.
What's the possible of changing trucks?

hi Frank! Changing trucks is an option and we went down that road for a bit. The logistics of doing so were not that favorable only considering the truck i have is perfect for everything i do. Well...save from finding a camp that fits :)

in my mind it was try to sell mine, then find another that is just as good or better outfitted the same way since there isn't time to outfit a new one within the window of now till May when i leave. So, yes it "could" be an option but it felt there were other avenues that might prove more of an advantage. We'll see how it goes.
I had a thought,do you use the "bed boxes"?
Can they be used with a camper on?
Will the camper stay on all the time?

One other option instead of getting a new truck
fine a regular bed from salvage yard.
Just rambling thoughts.
Hey Frank!

nope, with the camp on the back of the truck the Ramboxes become useless. I am used to that having had a previous Palomino Bronco that eventually fell apart. Once the camp is on, you can't open the storage. Not a big deal unless you leave something in there that you need when you sit the camper on the truck....(ask me how I know that :) ).

You are also correct in possibly being able to get a salvaged bed...which i have taken a look at. I found quite a few places in PA; seems to be a solid business up there. And also a couple in KY. However, in each case they would only sell me the bed and not do the work to install it. Been difficult finding someone reputable that would do the work and the additional risk of a salvage bed i can't look at in person due to being so far out of state.
As i type all that, it can sound like just excuses :) Maybe they are, but its real life on my end and when the camper isn't on, the Ramboxes are quite handy for quick day trips or overnights when staying in the woods.

Thanks for all the help! If anyone sees this post and knows of someone selling off their Scout YoHo (like the Morell's did) to upgrade or possibly get into something else, please think of me as a solid buyer. I have the funds already, just need to find the camper.

talk to you all soon!
Your right it's real life.You have some tough choices.
I agree buying a "new" box with out seeing it or the help to install it
is a very difficult issue.

Good luck in your search.
Thanks Frank! really appreciate all the thoughts. If you run across something....let me know!! :D
@jimcuda....Jim! thank you so much for this link!! I have messaged the seller Jason and praying he replies back to me quickly. This is the exact model i am looking for. I love this community!! Thank you for looking out for me :)
I'll keep you guys posted on if this works out :)
This thread popped up when I saw the ad, I hoped the distance was going to be surmountable. Best of luck to you!
thanks again Jim! really appreciate you sending this on. The distance is far, but in my mind its just distance and worth it if this deal can work out. All the avenues I have been exploring would all be completed with this one, so i do hope it works out. Let me know if there is anything I can do to be of service in return.
If this falls through I saw a yoho on ksl classifieds in salt lake for sale awhile ago. I assume it’s gone by now
well everyone, so it fell through. Apparently i was second in line and couldn't talk the seller into agreeing i was a guaranteed purchase of his Scout. He was working with a guy for a few days and supposedly that guy was picking it up tonight. The answer I just received was "sorry man, i think its sold."

so, dang. Sucks on my end.

@Ben, where did you see another Yoho posted? I don't know the ksi classifieds...do you happen to have a link? It is still worth a shot for me to check it out and look. I'll search for ksi and see if i can find it.

Still on the hunt if anyone runs across one for sale! Thank you sincerely for the help.
@Ben, found the ksi classified site...you were right. Looks like its gone by now. Nothing returned in my search there. Anyone here on WtW that is selling one to upgrade to a Olympic or Kenai? I'll gladly take your Yoho if you are thinking of possibly upgrading to something larger :)
It’s KSL, but ya… it was posted for a couple months but not surprised it’s gone now or was just left up long after it sold.

I was debating on a total composite camper shell for a bit. They’re built similar to scouts and have all their dimensions posted on their website - but you’re going to have to do the build yourself. They were a month or two out when I contacted them last winter. Don’t recall your timeline in this thread. They’re out of Victoria but have some dealers they work with.
copy that Ben, I'll take a look. I was very close to trying to fabricate my own bracket and tie down method so i could use a topper style shell..just couldn't get the clamp to hold right. So went back to the slide in model.
The timeline for me is getting tight now, daughter graduates in May and we were looking to leave a few weeks after. Didn't really expect to be in this position having ordered a year ago....but here i am :)

thanks for the tip on Total composite camper. I'll search for it and see how it pans out.

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