Solar Cable Routing (not pre-wired at factory)


May 10, 2023
HI All,

I'm getting near the end of the restoration of my 2000 Eagle. I need some advice on routing the cables behind the folding panels. The picture is of the cable entering through the roof, going behind the panels, and then disappearing through the counter to the electronics bay below. This is how I want it to run but those 10AWG cables are stiff.

My question is how much of a service loop exists in the cable behind the panels? Does it go pretty much straight down the panel edges or does it loop toward the center of the camper? When the top is down there is room for cables only near the rear wall. Out at the apex of the panel-fold there is not room. So I know I want to keep them forced back where there is space. But how?

I checked how my lighting wires were run behind the front panels but didn't get any good info from that. Could someone explain to me how their cables are set up? Are they attached in some way other than tape?

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Just tape on mine, but the wires are super supple. In fact, some have noticed that over time the factory wires crack/short out and have replaced them with high quality super flexible marine grade wires. Your picture makes me wonder if you are using the same wire inside as are on the solar panels.. that stuff is super stiff and not likely to work in this application.
I am using the same stuff. I didn't realize there was a better cable. Is the marine stuff the same wire gauge (10AWG)?
Maybe more research is in order.
Thanks so much for the reply.
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