*** SOLD *** --- 2013 All Terrain Camper (ATC) Cougar FOR SALE


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Jan 15, 2024
Fountain Hills, AZ
*** SOLD *** 2013 All Terrain Cougar Cab Over Lightweight Truck Camper. SEE PHOTOS Slide-in for 6.5’ or 8' long bed truck. In great condition, non-smokers, original owner, stored in garage. Used about 20 times total. Shell with upgrades. All original ATC build/finishes. Fits Toyota Tundra (we had a 2012) and our current 2022 Ford F150. Asking $8000 (over $15,500 +tax if purchased new: see https://allterraincampers.com/pricing-and-options). Phx, AZ area

• King-size bed (upper) slide-out upgrade w/thick foam bedding/cushions
• Three-sided bench seating with cushions, lots of under seat storage, use/layout options
• Extra driver's side large window, extra back window, privacy curtains for all windows + bed area
• Sleeps up to 4 people
• Sealed AGM Interstate battery: good shape, has been charged monthly
• Back-up camera: DoHonest 1080p
• Solar panel: Silicon solar PV, 85 watts
• Solar charge controller: Morningstar SunSaver
• 2 roof vents with Fantastic Fans, fire extinguisher
• All LED bulbs
• Roof and entire shell in great shape, no leaks
• 4 Titan mechanical jacks used to install / remove camper from truck bed
• One 120V to 12V converter
• Two 120 volt outlets, two 12 volt cigarette style outlets
• 850 lbs dry weight

This is a clean, comfortable, and overall great camper to take off road.


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Hey I'm interested in this. Was wondering if you could send me some more detailed photos/videos. I'm assuming this is for a 6.5' bed. Can you send me dimensions?
Hi there, the Cougar fits on a 6.5 bed with the tail gate down. We had it on our 2012 Tundra with 6.5 bed. Send me your email or cell #, and I can send over more photos and a couple videos. Too many / too large (mgb) for this site. (I also sent you a direct message if you want to reply there.) thx!
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