Jan 18, 2022
We are selling our 2019 FWC Hawk + 2018 Ford F150 located in Denver. Both are very clean and non-smoker.
2019 Hawk shell with rollover couch
Silver spur exterior
Yakima roof rack including lockable towers and bars
Diesel heater with external fuel tank
Jack stands with aluminum mount
Thermal pack
2 fantastic roof fans (1 powered, 1 passive)
Turnbuckles and mounting plates
Wooden dolly to pull it in the garage.
It has been stored inside any time it wasn’t in use. Everything works. It has one small bend in the roof (forgot to unclip!) but is a smooth bend so is still 100% waterproof.
Factory sticker says 945 lbs

Gray 2018 Ford F150 XLT extended cab. 4x4, 3.3L V6 engine, 44k miles.
Selling together for $49,800 or camper for $18,500 and truck for $31,800.

Please fire away with questions or for more pics.


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Nice rig, also agree, fair price...
For those looking.. the extra cab is nice, especially if you don't use the back seats and can remove them.. we built a platform for the dogs and has storage underneath...
Would you please post a close up picture of the bend in the roof that you described. Thanks!
Very nice camper and truck! If I didn’t have an order in to ATC, I’d consider buying yours.

I do have a question. Your Rotopax carrier mounted to the jack plate looked interesting, could you share the source?
Here are two of the roof. Happy to email more details or hi res pics also


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Here is one more of the roof with racks, fans and pre-wired solar port on the roof. There is another solar port on the rear panel too for ancillary solar panel.


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