Something For Father’s Day

If they aren't the luckiest pair I don't know what!
look at all that $$$ gear!
let alone the cigar

But oh that water …and those fish
If that isn't a day in heaven I ain't going
Catch Magazine and Todd Moen put out great videos. Thanks for the post, Mr. Sage.

This one is a bit bittersweet. Our friends (Daniel retired from teaching the same year as the Lady) moved to Oregon and on the banks of the McKenzie River. Long time boaters (guided the main fork of the Salmon every summer) their new place was right across from the put in. "You've got to come up and fish!" was the open invitation. It was their dream retirement home. It burnt in last year's fires. They lost everything and are not rebuilding.
Same thing happened to a friend’s retirement home on the river. He isn’t building back either. They have moved back to the Portland area to decide what to do next. Really sad for so many people. We’re hearing talk that this year could be as bad or worse for fires.


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