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Oct 18, 2022
Hi folks. I have a 2020 Ram 2500 setup with a Hawk. Was considering getting a simple hitch mount swing out for my 1up bike rack. However, a better option might be getting a rigd Ultraswing and hitching my bike rack to the swing arm so I can mount my spare tire as well.

Does anybody have this setup? Seems like the weight might be too far back but I have 2900 lbs payload so im thinking only issue would be backing up (camera compromised without mod) and overall length. Any insights?
I have a rigd Ultraswing on my F-350 with HAWK. I'd say its good not great. It's extremely functional, but with the spare tire (35in E rated) and bike rack with two bikes, its quite a lot of weight and the end of the bike rack does turn into a bit of a diving board. I just take it easy on bumps.

Also, due to the full sized spare being so large, getting the bike rack to fit requires an extender, which contributes to the diving board nature. With one bike its pretty solid, two bikes she starts to really bounce on big hits.

Aside from an Aluminese (Spelling?) bumper, i dont know of a good alternative.

I would buy the rigd ultraswing again if that helps.
Not sure this is important, or you're not already aware but, I have a swing out rack from Rocky Mounts. I selected this rack because it kept things the closest to the truck of all the racks. Bad idea. The handlebars on mountain bikes hit the camper. Had to buy the 8inch extension anyway and they *still* strike the camper in extreme situations, but at least I can drive with the bikes.

Given that I had to get the extension, I didn't need the swing out at all! I can tip the rack down (I'm about 99% one up does this also, probably better) and get in the door of the camper without ever using the swing features of my rack. Still nice to have, but I'm not impressed with my selection process. Considered the spare approach you're looking at, but I *don't* have as much payload on my Tundra. Looking forward to hearing other's comments and ideas.
I also have a two bike 1Up rack. Hitches front and rear of the 1 ton truck. Easy to get in the camper with the rack folded down, no need for a swing away.
I don’t have the rigd item you’re talking about but I have had hitch swing outs with bike racks for many years. I had a Thule access swing out with a Thule hitch rack until I bought the Rocky mounts rack with built in swing away that umka is talking about. I have weight concerns which is why I went with the Rocky mounts. The quality is very nice and my rack is now 50lb vs 100lb. You’re obviously a bit less concerned with the 3/4 ton. I am a big fan of the swing out vs lowering racks and sneaking around them, but I also camp with bikes and dogs often.
Sorry guys, I completely forgot I posted this my bad.

I think I’m going to go with a regular swing out from 1 up. As Jsoboti pointed out I think it would be too much of a diving board if I included a spare tire mount. Weight wise I’m fine but it’s just too much crap sitting off the back and I still have plenty of room in the spare tire well. I’d probably just keep it a straight 1up without swingout but I absolutely hate dropping it 3/4 and climbing over it to get into the camper.
I have a 1Up rack on my rig and will eventually carry my full-size spare on the hitch like you are doing. I installed AirLift bags on my F-250 to support all the extra weight in the bed and hanging off the hitch. It was not an easy install with my goose-neck hitch in the way, but well worth it.
Jsoboti said:
Rigd just release an off-road specific bike rack, looks solid AF. $700 is ALOT of money for a bike rack though...
I saw that and I just really like my 1up. Not enough benefit for me to spend a couple grand….. yet anyway lol.

Although, now that I’m looking at the Rak Attach from 1up or any of the others, they don’t look as solid as the rigd from an off-road perspective. I don’t know, back to square 1 I guess lol.
I have the Rigd, 1up combo in the video I would not recommend that rack unless you do something to address the bouncing. Even around town in my commuter car I run an old inner tube tied to the seatpost and tied to the car to take the bounce out. Offroad the bounce is terrible...I mean really terrible. The combo of the tire rack, the extension, the 1up plus all the play in the 1up folding mechanism adds up. I don't need a back seat so I built made a way to carry my bike in the back seat area (I have a Goosegear drawer setup too). I also appreciate my bike not getting covered in road grime (even in good weather).

I'm not so sure a 1up style (the way the bike is held) is the most solid rack system...several companies make use the 1up style...just my $.02.

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