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Jan 24, 2014
Western Washington
I was off traveling this spring. I had numerous significant technology challenges (including a computer needing to be replaced) on this trip, so I didn't do any blog writeups or photo processing. But an atmospheric river is hitting the NW now, so I thought I would work on writing about the trip and processing photos. In general, the trip was from the Puget Sound area to Santa Rosa to get a larger gas tank installed in my camper van, then to Field Van in Fresno to get some work done on the van, and then into Nevada heading north. The trip south was somewhat of a speed drive. I kept delaying my departure due to poor weather. Then I slowed down and meandered north. I was gone for six weeks.

The posting dates in the blog are roughly related to the when I was at a location.

I'm not sure when I will get all the posts done, but the first six are done. I'll update this when more posts are completed. The first one is at Grist Mills


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