Switching propane regulator?


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Apr 19, 2023
Has anyone replaced the stock FWC Suburban propane regulator with an auto switching one? I know it’s tight in there, but maybe some one sorted it. My one year old stock regulator is already failing.
My guess that FWC switched from one 20 lb tank to two 10 lb tanks due to customer requests to be able to keep propane attached to camper accessories and also have propane outside camper for cooking, light, propane fireplace, etc.
Having an auto-switching regulator could defeat that functionality,. You might be able to add a switching regulator yourself if that is your desire, but consider the possible loss of using one tank for outside uses.
We use our second tank outside for cooking & sometimes for lights. Nice thing about our pop-up campers is that we can modify them to fix those idiotic choices others may have made to our camper.

Yes I have also been thinking about that
My last trip out I ran out in middle of the night of propane on the one tank and the full one next to it but f course it could not auto switch
It is tight but I think it could be done
You can also disconnect one tank at anytime for other uses

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